HOMELAND UK: Epoch Napf.

The apocalyptic wastes are a baron and unforgiving place. Murderous bandits stalk the shadows and ravenous infected are driven to frenzy by the slightest hint of living flesh. Yet still under all this chaos some souls remain true to their humanity… Because for these few survival is not enough, and driven by their perseverance traders and travelling merchants have begun to return to the wasteland. It is in this epoch that civilisation starts to return, and it is those who set its foundations that will be remembered, but what is your part in all this?

Will you be the harbingers of the new world?
…or will you burn it down, and through the ashes make this world your own?

Our Epoch server is currently running the inspired map Napf, a beautiful and intricate environment boasting rolling hills, deep valleys and towering mountains, layered with dense forest and many towns, villages and cities. Gameplay has been kept to that of a true zombie apocalypse, tired of servers where zombies are more of a nuisance than a threat? Where sporadic and unpredictable player contact leads to often frustrating periods of boredom? Or where players kill you and steal all your hard earned loot, only to run and cower as they sell it all in magically protected trader cities? Not here.

Our server is back to the basics of a zombie apocalypse, breaking the game down to the most fundamental and enjoyable features, before rebuilding them into something truly great. See a player in a town, perhaps a lone AI seeking to make you it’s next target? Maybe you should fire you weapon and take them out, but you better be damned sure you’re prepared to survive the zombie hoard that will follow. Simple rules apply, know your exits, and always have more than one. As for ‘safezones’ over traders cities… Well don’t expect to find them here, the developers of epoch don’t agree with them, and frankly neither do we. Having a player kill you, only to see them 10 minutes later taking it easy whilst selling all your hard earned loot somewhere they can’t be hurt or hindered in doing so just isn’t cool. Having no safezones turns a laborious task into a heart-pumping adrenaline rush to get you cash and get out before barry the bandit shows up.

Liking the sounds of the server so far? Be sure to check out the ‘Features’ tab to get a real idea of what gears keep the server running, but before you do we would also like to direct you to the ‘Forums’ tab and check out the community behind the server, our players are the real pillars that keep the server standing, and it is our sense of community that puts us above the rest. Want a little more involvement in the game? Want to be part of something bigger? Check out the ‘Factions’ section of the forums and sign on with one that suits your gameplay in order to really make your presence in the server known. None of them tickle your fancy? Why not make your own? You only need a minimum of five (active players) to create a faction in the server! Proven activity will land your Faction a spot on the features page, and Faction Headquarters tailor made through the map editor to keep you co-ordinated.

What are you waiting for? Check out the rest of the portal and see what’s in store for you at ccGlobalGaming’s dayz server: HOMELAND UK!


Server is currently in Beta! More content patches and updates to come.

Drink from wells/ponds

The key is in the title, this addon allows a player to drink directly from wells and ponds. WARNING! A chance of infection is present as you are not boiling the water.


Ok… So this one is as brutal as it sounds, you can eat the flesh of your fellow survivors. Your humanity will suffer fir it, and we’re fresh out of ant-acids so pick your meals well.

Self bloodbag

Might be messy, but will do the job. Be wary of infection!

Toggle Snapping for base building

Tired of the constant tiny up-a-bit/down-a-bit/left-a-bit/right-a-bit adjustments to make when building your base? Just toggle snapping on and your walls and floors will snap to each other!

Earthquakes / Apocalyptic weather

Dust storms and Earth quakes pass intermittently all over the island for that added ambience, just be wary of them before you line up that sniper shot.

DZAI system

Keeps towns populated with the occasional bandit AI and keeps you on your toes during those looting runs, you hear a gunshot in town, player or AI? Make your calls wisely. Watch out for helicopter and vehicle patrols too.

WAI system

Missions spawning units, vehicles and supply crates. Will you choose to fight for what they have? Be warely of other players in the area, missions are not constant so are always contested.

New enter-able buildings

The new map Napf brings new buildings along with it, leaving plent of places to hide a base in larger cities, as well as some new loot spots to the table.

Camp-fire Boogie

Want to taker a load of after a long hard day of looting? Why not set up a camp fire and hit the dance option? A hilarious way to dance the night away!

Features still to come!

Seasonal Snow and Cold Weather

Most servers run this 24/7 sunny happy land, not here I’m afraid. At selected intervals we throw you into the middle of a Homeland UK Winter; a harsh and punishing environment. Be sure to carry heat-packs and equipment to make a fire, seek refuge in buildings and don’t stray too far from your vehicle. It truly is a game changer, make sure you have enough stores stashed away!

Farming Mod

With inspiration taken from a few other mods this allows a player to build a few selected crops around their base as a sustainable food source.

Weapon Crafting

A simple system, this allows you to add silencers so some weapons, and camouflage to others.

Head-shot suicide

Has is all got too much for you? Are you out in the middle of the woods with a broken leg, no morphine, and no hope? Well lucky for you all you need is a pistol with one bullet left in the mag and you’ll be back on the coast in no time!

Car Radio

So sometimes driving along the wastes can get a little depressing… Zombies everywhere, the occasional bullet ruining your newly repaired windows. Well no more, crank up the volume and play your troubles away. (New Justin Bieber album not included)

Freight wreckages

The wrecks of trains, trucks, cars and boats, all carrying precious cargo before the infection hit, why not hunt it down and claim it for yourself?

Travel to Secret Areas

Think you know the map? Think again, Poncho has added some special map areas for you to find, but the path to them is not easy to locate. Be sure to search around the map to find them, they are well worth the effort.


Rules are simple, the server is here for us to enjoy. Let’s try keep that in mind while we play, after all the better the quality of players in th server, the better the quality of its game-play.


  • Play mature,
  • No destruction of player bases,
  • No (avoidable) destruction of locked vehicles,
  • Hacking / Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

Play mature: We don’t exclude any age ranges for our server, so long as they are mature. I have 30 year old players act like 3 year old kids after loosing a gun fight, DayZ is a harsh environment so don’t make it worse by being a dick.

No destruction of player bases: Pretty much what is says on the tin, people work hard and put time into building and maintaining a base, go out and earn your gear by looting or killing your way to it. Breaking into an unpopulated base at night when no one is around just isn’t cool, so we are enforcing a rule against it.

No (avoidable) destruction of locked vehicles: This one is easy, if a vehicle is locked, don’t destroy it, ESPECIALLY if it is parked outside a player base. The “avoidable” part merely comes from circumstance, if someone want to use said vehicle for escape or cover, they’ll have to accept the potential hail of bullets that follow.

Hacking / Exploiting will result in a permanent ban: Matters will be investigated thoroughly, if found guilty, you wont be coming back.


Having troubles with the server, or the players on it? Want to report a player for blatant disregard of the server rules? Do so here in a quick and efficient manner, although you must include your name along with the report, all matters will remain in strict confidence with the admin team. Is it an admin or moderator that is the problem, do you suspect or have evidence of admin abuse? This is still the place to report it, this support ticket is sent to all members of the admin team. So nothing will be ignored, and all tickets are investigated thoroughly and seriously.

Support ticket:

[customcontact form=7]

Having a support ticket like this, so readily available put confidence into a lot of players, by knowing straight away that if they have a problem, it can be dealt with quickly and easily, and by a team of dedicated admins and moderators. Many servers do not have anything like this, and it is there downfall when players start to complain. The other advantage of this is that it allows admins and moderators to deal with it when they actually allocate time to do so. Instead of constantly being barracked in game to get a problem solved. Meaning we actually get to enjoy some game time. This support ticked directly replaces the old ‘Join’ tab. We are no longer white-listed so no longer need it.

Server Credits

A big thank you to all who helped make this server what it is today!

Survivor City! – By Poncho
Farming Mod – By Poncho
Weapon Crafting – By OmegaaaD
Drink from wells/ponds – By Mamu1234
Cannibalism – By seaweeduck
Headshot suicide – By Grafzahl
Car Radio – By Rite
Freight wreckages – By Poncho
Travel to Secret Areas – By Poncho
Radio Chatter – By Stuff-and-Junk
Seasonal Snow and Cold Weather – By Poncho
Custom Map edits/addons – By Poncho
Faction Bases – By Anubis
Build Snapping – OtterNas3
Self Bloodbag – By Krixes
Campfire Dancing – By cryq
Earthquakes / Apocolyptic Weather – By spearprofiler
WAI system – By theszerdi
DZAI system – By lazyink

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