ent interviews Moose of the new TF2 Pro team

I recently got the chance to speak with Moose, the leader of our new Team Fortress 2 Pro team, formerly Team Interrobang. The Crack! Pro TF2 team is currently at the PC Gamer Showdown LAN at Stoneleigh Park, and are just three matches away from the tournament finals, which resume tomorrow.

Interview after the jump.

ent: Are you guys doing anything to prepare for tomorrow’s matches?

Moose: Right now we are planning to play one or two more matches with turbine and badlands, the maps for tomorrow’s finals. We already have tactics for both of those maps that have been working pretty good so far, so I don’t think we need to change anything there.

ent: Looking ahead, are there any teams who you are looking out for? Interested in playing?

Moose: Well, I’d say 4Kings and TCM are definitely our strongest opponents. 4Kings has won pretty much everything that there is to win in the TF2 scene but right now they’re not as dominant as they used to be. We always love to play against high skilled teams, so those two are also my favorite opponents.

ent: Yeah, 4Kings as a whole has been hurting recently, although not so much in TF2 as their other teams.

Moose: Yup, heard it has not been going so great for them. But at least we have to thank 4K because we’re kinda using their PCs from Packard Bell here at PCGS. Couldn’t have come here without those 🙂

ent: Looking at your match history, you’ve already beaten TLR three times in the past. Is there anything different they might try that you’re going to be looking out for in your upcoming match?

Moose: I don’t think we have played ctf_turbine against TLR before. It’s such a different map than the others since its capture the flag, not control point as the rest of them. They might be able to surprise us but I’m confident that we have a stronger team.

ent: Yourselves and TCM have been taking turns with the victories in your previous matches, it’s difficult to make any predictions for if a match between you two should come about. Do you think this because you’re trying different strategies against each other, or more because of strengths in certain maps?

Moose: We both have been playing with different line-ups and that is one factor that will affect the outcome of the matches. Also, we both have our strong and weak maps so it really depends on the day.

ent: How long have you been practicing with your current lineup?

Moose: Glufse joined us just before Excello.TF2 folded. We were desperately looking for a scout and since we were all Finnish before he joined, we tried to find someone from Finland. It turned out there were no players from Finland available that we would have wanted, so we were happy to take Glufse in. He is one of the best scouts in Europe, after all.

ent: Ah, great! Could you briefly list the players’ class assignments?

Moose: The standard line-up for normal CP maps is myself and snifz as soldiers, hymzi as demoman, Glufse and Jambo as scouts, and kyynel as a medic.

ent: Is there anything else you want to say, people you want to thank?

Moose: I’d really like to thank Glen, Luke, and the rest of the Crack! team for giving us the opportunity to represent this team here at PCGS. Hopefully this is just the first of many TF2 LANs to come. We’ll of course continue playing in various online leagues and cups, like the ETF2L Division 1 and ESL Major series. I’m sure that we’ll be able to get good results for the team. After all, TF2 is all about teamplay and that’s what we are, team players 🙂

ent: Ah, great. Thanks for taking your time to do this interview.

Moose: Thank you.

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