Fantastic Summer

cc-gather-2015-thanksAside from all the other gaming adventures we pulled off another incredible gathering — this time over 50,000 kilometers (over 30,000 miles!) was the distance of combined travel by our members from all over Canada, the US, Sweden and even Australia. Getting together in Toronto we enjoyed great food, late nights, bike races (losing one another) and interrupting every task with a visit to the pub. It was all, however, just preparation for what was coming next: a trip to the Algonquin interior — a few hours of a drive followed by a few hours of paddling found us on our own private beach full of adventures like swimming, fishing, BBQing, toxic logs and a little rain. Many heartfelt thanks for making the 10th anniversary of our in-person events such an overwhelming and touching success — cheers to all that attended and those that reached out during the event to send good wishes. With the last few days of summer rapidly approaching we’ll be reconvening for another gaming season online and invite all of you to join us and share in stories about killer hot sauce, black bears and the poop box.

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