February Wrap-Up

cc_gold_medalsFebruary brought both a lot of varied gaming experiences as well as some forward motion with our usual ones, the one unusual bit that we wrapped up on Thursday was our CC Olympics which ended up handing out 18 medals across multiple video game ‘disciplines’ from target shoots to chopper surfing all the way through to 1v1 dueling, obstacle races and trivia challenges. At the end of it all I hope everyone had fun chasing gold whether or not they won a medal and hope that we get to do more stuff like that in the near future!

In other news, BF4 moves ahead with Second Assault bringing back memories and new challenges; from Metro Rush (Oblivion is fun too!) to the massive visibility hit of the dust storm on Oman, it’s a welcome addition and should provide exciting times ahead to fill us up until Naval Strike gets released.

Also, rather significantly, we’re announcing the end-of-life for our DayZ server — it was an amazing achievement and a testament to the abilities of @Poncho who really flexed his vision in to becoming a compelling reality with a one-of-a-kind environment. Thanks to all that came along for the ride, we’ll see you in SA or Arma III Epoch!

The TF2 side of things continues with our EU brethren continuing to develop their chemistry throughout the season and seeing the results of their efforts as they measure themselves up to the competition and see the proof of their improvement! The Australian side proceeds to enjoy the waning summer days with trips to the Koala store on their flying boomerangs with shrimps, barbies and knoifs in tow, right @custardo?

And while some of us await the imminent release of Titanfall we’re taking bites of some other offerings with everything from rounds of DOTA2 and LOL as well as checking out new indie titles like Banished and revisiting old favourites from Magic to Minecraft! This coming week will likely continue in that vein until a bit of the next where we anticipate more shiny goodies to enjoy — see you then!


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