Steam Improving Download Speeds!?

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Steam Improving Download Speeds!?

Post by Enef » Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:58 pm ... Australia)
Only a week after Steam was brought to its knees by a massive sale, many downloads trickling down the tubes at dial-up speeds, Valve has unveiled a new “Content System” that it’s hoped will not just improve download speeds on the service, but make post-release support easier on users as well.

Valve has increased Steam’s “maximum aggregate bandwidth”, which it says will “help us satisfy spikes in demand when there’s a big release” along with enabling the company to “be able to send content from more places, to better serve people all around the globe.”

What does this mean in real-world terms? Anecdotal evidence: I tried re-downloading Napoleon Total War on Saturday, and it was drip drip dripping down at a rate of around 150kb/s. This morning, after this update, it raced down at 1.8 mb/s.
We'll see how much it improves, honestly. This was very frustrating for me during the sale as i had to re download TF2 and it took about 12 hours when it should take about 2-3 at most.

More Links: ... -downloads
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