Battlefield 3 Tournament

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Battlefield 3 Tournament

Post by cutchy » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:37 am

Calling all team orientated clans/players looking for a challenge and play Battlefield the way its meant to be played.

Building on the success of the Bad Company 2 tournament, it is with great pleasure to announce that the Battlefield 3 tournament sign up is now LIVE and proudly sponsored by Branzone professional hosting solutions!!

Battlefield 3 Tournament is a free to enter EU based friendly Battlefield 3 (PC) tournament. Matches happen every week on Sunday night (start time yet to be decided, but will be likely be around 7-8pm GMT). Two teams are battling it out for territory on the battle map. Who will be victorious Eagles or Vipers?

This is a multi clan tournament with each side composed off several member clans with a commander overseeing in game planning and tactics.

The games are objective focused and welcome aggressive game play..... wookies with tents need not apply.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to play battlefield the way it's meant to be played...thought so, head along to Battlefield 3 Tournament: 64 Player Battles Every Sunday and sign up your clan and players.

Tournament will kick off proper in November - but the sign up is happening NOW and there will be LIMITED spaces available.

Get yourself a chance to enjoy the best battlefield experience you can get.

See you on the Battlefield soldier!

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