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Starwars 1313

Post by Bradders » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:03 pm

Star Wars 1313, the upcoming action game from LucasArts, received a video today in which the game's creative director explains why dumping the Jedi in favor of a bounty hunter grounds the game in reality.

"The kind of demigod complex that we've seen — and what you would expect, frankly, from a Jedi game — is definitely one vision of what playing in the Star Wars universe could be like," said Dominic Robilliard, Star Wars 1313′s creative director. "But we wanted to go to with something that much more relatable hero character, somebody who was more grounded, and that meant ultimately, at the core, having a character who was grounded by the range of human ability."

Over gameplay footage, Robilliard explains that upgrade paths will unfold alongside the story-driven narrative, which allows Star Wars 1313's human protagonist to survive the kinds of trouble that bounty hunters tend to attract.

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