September 11, 5 Years Later

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Post by unsivilized » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:00 pm

I was working in washington dc at the time about 30 minutes away from the pentagon, panic set in on the way to work on the radio stations, "Terrorist attacks all over the us" there were even reports of bombs going off in california "which were false" some how it was reported and everyone in the DC area went into red alert i remember seeing all the secret service tahoes go into action and military vehicle cover the skys like DC was a war zone.....

For the next year the only planes and chopper in the skys were military vehicles because of the no fly zone i even remember everytime a plane flew over they paniced and almost shot them down

Yah i also had a planned trip on the 9th to visit NY and didnt go, kinda sad now that i didnt get to see that area of ny
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