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Re: Torture?

Post by WolfPack » Sun Aug 09, 2009 5:39 pm

Choppo wrote:Whatever it takes to get the information you need to save lives. When lives are on the line political correctness should go out the window.

not to point you out or anything choppo, but if that's what we go by it could be worse than any terror attack conceivable.
now i don't want to sound paranoid or anything but any government given the power to do whatever it takes to save lives, will in the end always abuse that power. take for instance the nazi regime, they claimed to be protecting the people while they murdered millions of people that didn't pose a threat, just like kim-jung-il is protecting the people by stationing millions of troops on there only passable border and closing the country off from outside view. I love the united states, its were i live
but i am not so blinded as to think that we are the last bastion of good on this planet, if you look at past and recent political history you will find that there are parts of this country that are as corrupt as any dictator, people will always use fear to control the people of any established political system, in the end what makes us better than the very people we are "protecting" or citizens from. ... rough-fear

An army of sheep led by a lion, can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

How much we ought to dread the jaws of hell, if the jaws of so small an animal as a wolf can make a whole city tremble through fear

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