US Tax Dollars to Taliban

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US Tax Dollars to Taliban

Post by keK » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:26 pm ... ?fullstory

US taxpayer dollars are finding their way to the pockets of the Taliban, according to a new 75-page congressional report about the military's use of Afghan security firms.
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The firms are used to ensure the safe passage of supply convoys. If the US doesn’t pay up, almost without fail the convoy gets attacked.

The American military hires trucking companies to deliver supplies to their bases in Afghanistan and leaves it up to the companies to protect themselves. The truckers then pay local security companies or warlords to escort their trucks.

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Some of the trucking companies believe the gunmen they hired for protection may have been paying to Taliban not to attack them.

James Denselow, a writer on Middle East politics, believes that the Americans are trapped in Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is a logistical nightmare for the Americans, it's a landlocked country and 80 percent of American supplies have to go in by land in trucks. And the need for it is huge, they have about a 100,000 soldiers who consume a vast amount of fuel and ammunition each day,” Denselow told RT.

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