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Re: Ban Steam

Post by WolfPack » Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:51 am

Shit, have you seen the sales for steam, i bought l4d2 for 12 bucks back when its original price was 40. Most of the good games i own were bargain purchased off the steam store. I like having a little bit of money left over, and not having wasted it on a cd that costs 90 cents to make. Fact is, advertisement on the steam store is free for the most part, therefore less money is required to get knowledge out to the growing fanbase that steam has. This results in more profits for growing developers and indie games, bringing us games we all love, killing floor, Ro. If companies didn't by a tv spot for every other commercial, maybe they could survive on one or two really good games a year, instead of rushing them and producing many horrible ones.

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Re: Ban Steam

Post by dox » Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:11 am

I agree with your overall sentiment though I'd argue that the advertisements could very well be far from free (if they go by standard Internet advertising rates then they cost a lot more than you think) or not (maybe that's the perk of getting your stuff distributed on Steam!). Also: the PC gaming market isn't big enough to warrant TV commercials and the console gaming market is so big that it's got to have lots of them and more, much more.

I buy nearly every independent game on Steam unconditionally -- for the reasons you state above. I also think it's where you see way, way, WAY more innovation than any other "big" title could ever hope for. Ergo: more interesting to me.

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