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Re: China

Post by WolfPack » Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:30 am

Their system as a whole does not reward innovation unless it benefits industry or the military and is developed as so. One man can not make something simply because he had an idea, as long as their way of thinking restricts the way in which their country develops, they will be indeed doomed to fail.

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Re: China

Post by Shaddowmaster » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:24 am

I've been to China and I disagree with you WolfPack.

Although I prefer the free'er systems with less indoctrination and... well... dictatorship, I can't say China doesn't reward innovation.
They are so keen on being the most advanced superpower in the world, that if someone with enough authority spots someone with a good idea that could benifit their economical, military or scientifical growth they completely drown them in resources as long as they agree to do it in the name of their nation, which in China can be a very rewarding thing to do.

China wants to be the biggest and the best, so they focus on opening up their major cities to tourism (although in a controlled fashion), they host large cultural events (because they can afford to) and they put a lot of money on developing whatever they can so that they are first with it.

They are slowly, but surely trying to create a stable superpower, financing it all with cheap labour and cheap factories/production plants and it's going well for them. Their largest flaw would be their human rights issues and generation gaps, but if they can keep the first one as a form of controlled chaos (which they've succeeded with quite some time now) and do something about the second one, they've got a chance at actually becoming the greatest superpower in the world. When the economy and technological advancement is going well the national pride in their citizen will grow and political and cultural unrest will decline.

In my book they aren't the evil antagonist doomed to fail by default, they may very well succeed and that bothers me a bit, because I'm not too keen on having a dictatorship influence the world as much as they could.

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Re: China

Post by Power$hot » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:50 am

Don't eat food from China.

Need a liver?

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Re: China

Post by GD_Fritz » Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:35 pm

dox wrote:..I'm quite excited/curious about Hu Jintao's visit to the US. I love this opener from the CNN article: "How do you deal toughly with your bank?". What better way to put it? China has gone from being the default "coming soon superpower" to a bonafide "we're here superpower". From economic to political power it's all there and pretty humbling when European and North Americans take a good look at what they're doing (aside from the obvious human rights issues). Personally I'm most impressed by things like their rail system; faster/better/cheaper than any of us could have ever built (and hell, NAs could really use something like it!) which has transformed their citizens lives from being farmers to pet food entrepreneurs (get started reading here) through to their space program and even their stealth fighter.

My mind has been blown a few times as a result and I really find myself wondering how the US/CHN relationship is going to end up, it feels like the tables have been turned but no one wants to really admit it. How do you deal toughly with your bank? I know I'll be watching and taking notes!
When it comes to china passing the US in "superpowerism" well they are on their way however they have a long way to go. First off, we actually can be tough with our bankers, if that is what you consider china to the US, and I would understand if you did. In the first place they will never go to war with us MAD, and even if there was a miracle way to have a conventional war w.o nukes they pale in comparison when it comes to defence budget. We( The USA) spend something like 250 billion every year, and they(China) spend something less than 50 billion, perhaps even around 30 billion I think. If you say ... well China has F22's also, I respond like this. With all the extra money we spend shouldn't foreign powers be more worried about what they don't know about the US military. The stealth fighter(the US version) came out in the 80's long before ANYONE knew about it. Now think with tech progressing the way it is what could we have now that will not be revealed for 20 years to come. And short of China invading us they have no way to enforce their debt on us. To those who say they will just stop lending, you are wrong, we back their money and China knows there really aren't any other great investments out there like the US, not saying other countries do not warrant investment but they couldn't pay back even close to what we pay them. The relationship is symbiotic and financially we hold the majority of sway. Since our economy is massively bigger than theirs. The US and China are financially linked for the moment. The future can go one of two ways I see. A) China continues to fund our overspending and we continue to dig a bigger hole and in 30 years or so, they have us beat. B) We fix our debt situation, overhaul our tax code, and live with-in our means and in 10 years we will not owe anyone much money thus securing our spot as a superpower for many years to come. My 2 cents on it based on what I have researched into it and such. For the record I am sure there are more than the A and B I have put forth however those are 2 of the more likely scenarios. Also I am not trying to be an "ignorant american" as my facts here check out and this is just my opinion.

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