New World Order

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Re: New World Order

Post by Smithy » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:40 pm

i thought Russia had a huge field down in Southern Russia?

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Re: New World Order

Post by justice7ca » Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:02 pm

Smithy wrote:i thought Russia had a huge field down in Southern Russia?
They likely do, and hey look at that ... starting to hit more mainstream news outlets ... clear.html ... index.html

The IAEA is saying Iran is "months" away from creating a nuclear bomb.

Queue the BF3 music?


Even "sweet Condeleeza" wants to take Iran out. ... overnment/

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Re: New World Order

Post by Panzercat » Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:01 am

I watched a couple of movies, read a ton of articles. I like "big" thought ppl think about new world order.
The thing is, the new world order has already begun since hundred years ago when mankind made his first property.

Today many ppl western contries hunting oil. And only that.
Well, we hunt for fresh water more than oil.
Coffe beans are aint much further back in list as oil i think?

Today the killing is going in name of "god" and enormous treshure hunting.

Future war will be about, resources & religion. As it always have been since mankind had their first feet on earth.

We also have let the capitalism dirt bags in top, change the world rules about engagement in war. Started in the US, with private military such as black water.
Blackwater have changed their names many times. And today its called Academy.
With being of that the US, made it happen. ALL western countries has begun aswell.

Here in Sweden, we have Vesper Group.
Is same type of operation and "guarding" jobs..

The world is going for a big coorperated military with both countries army/navy in work with private military groups.
This is bad and good.
The thing im afraid of is. That they are taking the oppurtunity for any1 to be in a war and to kill. It is gonna be like a "vacation". Hey, lets go to private arms for 1 year, earn million dollas, and got to kill other.
The new generation that grew up theese days, incl mine. I was born 1986.
We grew up with violence everywhere. I saw more WAR on tv/news etc than i saw poor kids in africa. I learned about war i school instead of economy in russia. I played war, cuz there was only like 2 other games that didnt contain war.
I saw war on movies, cuz the movies overflooded market with action/war genre.
If i sit down and think about it. Ive seen more war/and chopped off legs and horrible thing than ive seen good thing, or poor kids that need help in africa, or about countries crying for help with economy.
New generations is grown up to kill. It want it, it sees it exciting.

Today, my work is in the Navy. Doing the same i was taught. And, to be honest. I do love it.

This is my thought about new world order, and where we are going with ppl on earth. How I think is gonna be in 50-100 years.

This is how the world shall be to be perfect! ... VLmJ43fHpM

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