[Movie] Wall-E

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[Movie] Wall-E

Post by XtracerD » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:39 pm

Ok then, time to write my first review :o

The movie is about a small robot, which is the last of it's kind to clean up Earth after the humans have left it 700 years in the past. In the beginning, one gets to see how "Wall-E" (not the actual robot's name, but the entire trash-cleanup thingie's) has developped character and a relationship with a cockroach, not to mention a base with loads of items that have proven to be of interest to Wall-E. Later on, Wall-E meets up with a robot called EVE, which is sent to earth on a mission to find photosynteses. Wall-E and EVE develop a relationship, until the day that Wall-E shows EVE (supposidly a female robot) a plant of some sort. This triggers EVE's plant-found-trigger and leaves EVE in a state of hibernation, until EVE is retrieved by the spaceship she arrived with, where Wall-E hangs onto and finds himself in space onboard an ever larger spaceship called the Axion (correct me if I'm wrong). This space ship holds the entire human race, and has done so for the last 700 years. As Wall-E explores this spaceship, while following EVE around (who is being transportet by the plant-found-trigger system), one gets to see how the human race has evolved to all be 99% look-a-likes - fat individuals who don't have physical contact with oneanother. When EVE finally arrives at the captain's control tower, the captain is confronted with the program and an instructional video made 700 years ago, however the ship's internal system tries to prevent the captain from steering the ship back to Earth, as this would be the end of it's own existance. After a long struggle, EVE and Wall-E manage to retrieve the plant and the captain manages to beat (literally) the ship's system. After flying back to Earth, the humans are confronted with the now trash-filled planet and start to plant vegetation.

All in all, Wall-E is a very entertaining movie, partly funny and also very "catchy" in how Wall-E expresses his feelings for EVE and vise versa (big =D> to Pixar for this). I would definately recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't hate animated movies.
When we're done showing this movie at the theatre. I will definately try to steal the poster lol, hang it next to my imaginary HK poster.

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Re: [Movie] Wall-E

Post by RingoCalamity » Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:45 pm

This movie was solid gold. Pixar doesn't make crap. Loved the fire extinguisher bit and the boxing robot. Loved the whole thing, I'll probably buy this one on dvd. Outstanding art design.

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