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Re: [Live Show] Shadowsphere

Post by dox » Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:22 pm

Just an update -- so, it happened again! [ah this page flipped the post over, go to page 1 if you want last year's story]

As it turns out, basically, the first time around I caught the beginning part of DJ Shadow's tour and a few nights ago I was at the tail end of the same tour (I didn't realize he was on tour for, well, a year and a half). The show ended up being pretty special, actually: some of us were there for the second time and were treated to, basically, the best bits of what we saw almost 1.5 years earlier and some new stuff.

Shadow brought out some drum sticks and sequenced a whole bunch of samples in to his set which added a nice flavour to it. The show (on a Sunday night, groan!) basically flowed from Trip Hop to DnB to DubStep and back to Trip Hop all while these CRAZY visuals went on.. I actually managed to take some better 1080p video myself which I may put up on the Tube..

At the end of it all (yea, it was pretty much like the first time around, so I don't have that much to add except about the atmosphere, etc) there was some exciting for me (by way of a different promoter) that DJ Yoda was coming at the end of the month to Toronto (first time in a decade!) -- he's really kicked things up a notch in terms of audio/visual stuff as well, if you haven't heard of him I'll give you some videos here that'll make you go "HUH?!". He mixes music AND video and if you're roughly my age you'll love the films/clips that he cuts up on a screen for you, it's hilarious stuff that can also sound great!

So, here goes with DJ Yoda until I sort out some more Shadow stuff for you -- remember, this stuff usually gets done live right in front of you!

Here's what he made on Christmas -- I mean, how epic is this?! looool -- yes, what you see is what you hear! Wrap your head around seeing this live and I think you can dig why I'm excited :)

The Bird is the Word

"My Genre Redux" w/Probe Mantis

Any Wu Tang fans?

..anyway, you probably get the point: musically it's all over the place, there's crap tons of 80s movies thrown in and it's, well.. kind of a new way of being entertained: go to a show to listen to a DJ while he cuts up movies you crew up with in awesome/hilarious ways? Take my monies please!!!!

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Re: [Live Show] Shadowsphere

Post by mini » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:26 am


another totally original show to catch. watch the videos on youtube,
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Re: [Live Show] Shadowsphere

Post by Vengeance » Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:48 pm

I'll likely be attending this event in NYC

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