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Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 4:09 pm
by Enef
I'm enjoying it, even though the pubbing experience is a bit dire (come on, my first game on PC was TF2, pubs are always fucking dire!) it's still a lot of fun to play with friends!

Re: Brink

Posted: Sat May 14, 2011 12:03 am
by Enef
Lot's and lot's of fun. Even on 120 ping US servers.

I've played it all day...

14.3 hrs / 14.3 hrs "

And i have to see, even as a pub experience its quite fun. Though i can see myself getting very frustrated, very quickly, with public play. I spent about an hour or so playing public with a couple of our NA brink team tonight and it was a much more enjoyable experience playing with people who were focused on working as a team, moving as a unit and completing the objectives. It's like having your own personal medic in a TF2 server, it demolishes opposition when used right. Though not completely as there are still random factors and imbalances everywhere

I can see this being a very exciting e-sports game for a while, idk if it will ever take off that depends on how long people decide to support and play it. On the whole though, very fun so far.
Quote from another forum i frequent, I have a very strong love towards this game right now. I want to get good.

Also, the lag compensation is pretty good too, i barely noticed the fact i was on 120 ping on the cc// server tonight!

Wrote this on another forum,

Re: Brink

Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 12:19 am
by Enef
Quadruple post or some shit.

Brink.TV tournament announced
Tournament Overview and Rules

The Brink TV 5v5 Tournament is an experiment in competition. Please keep in mind the game has only been out for a week and many rules and settings will surely be tweaked collectively by the community over time. Until then, we've reached out to various teams and community members to get feedback on what feels right for competition at this early stage of the game. Rules found below are subject to change so be sure to check them again before the tournament begins. This is NOT the signups thread. Any tournament signups posted here will be deleted and ignored.

To sign up, head here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=201

Please be aware of the following in-game rules:

Adrenaline cannot be used. Please tell your medics to unbind this buff.
- If a team accidentally uses it, in-game observers will give the offending team a verbal warning. However, if the ability is used to complete an objective or a team continues to use it after the warning, the offending team will forfeit the game.

Hack objectives cannot be reversed.
- This means that hack progress and hack boxes may not be "deconstructed" by an enemy engineer.

Since there is no SDK and the cvars that allow server administrators to specify abilities do not seem to fully function, these two rules will be enforced by spectating referees and an honor system between competing teams.

Tournament Type: Single Elimination
Team Size: 5v5
Game Type: Stopwatch
Time Limit: 20 minutes
Signups Open: May 15, 2011 at 6pm EDT
Signups Close: May 18, 2011 at 6pm EDT

Tournament rounds will be Best of ONE until the Semi Finals, at which point they will become Best of THREE matches onward, including the finals. Map selection for BO1 rounds will be Toss, Toss, Toss, Toss with the remaining map in the pool being the the battlefield. Top seed gets to toss first. Map selection in BO3 rounds will be handled by Pick, Pick, Toss Toss, with the remaining map being the tie breaker if needed. This method ensures teams gets a chance to play their favored map in the final rounds.

Map Pool:

We are acquiring sponsored servers for this event courtesy of Evolution Servers. However, we may also tap teams and community members willing to participate to help us provide additional play locations if needed. Any server used must be named according to the instructions laid out below and must use the server configuration provided below.

A full configuration ready to be executed by server administrators helping us host the tournament is available at ... ktv_vs.cfg. This configuration is subject to change. Simply add "exec server_stopwatch_brinktv_vs.cfg" to your server startup.

For the duration of the event, servers hosting the tournament must be named accordingly:

"Brink TV 5v5 Tourney (Region) #"

For example:
Brink TV 5v5 Tourney WEST 1,
Brink TV 5v5 Tourney WEST 2,
Brink TV 5v5 Tourney EAST 1

Your server # designation will be given to you by the Brink TV staff.

Valve AntiCheat must be in use throughout the tournament. Any individual or team caught cheating will forfeit all progress and be ejected from the tournament Observers will be on hand to monitor games.

In the event of a dispute, claims will be handled on the spot by tournament administrators. A representative from each team and the match observers will report their versions of the incident, at which point a tournament administrator will make a decision regarding the dispute.

Roster changes are acceptable until signups are closed. However, once closed, teams must play with the roster with which they singed up to the tournament. Therefore, be sure to list any substitution or alternate players as necessary to account for absences. If a team is short a player who fails to show up for the tournament, the team will have to play a player short or forfeit the match.

These strict roster rules are in place to help the tournament run smoothly by avoiding the often last-minute circus of finding and designating "ringers" which inevitably cause strife and frustration for the opposing team who did show up on time with their players ready to compete. Considering that signups will remain open until a few hours before the tournament begins, we feel this is a fair rule.

Tournament Signups will be handled by having the team captain or representative submit a post to the Brink TV 5v5 Tournament Signups thread. The post should be formatted like so:

Team Name: Some Team Name

Team Roster:
Team Captain:
- In-game (Steam) Player1 Tag [Forum username1]

Team Members:
- In-game (Steam) Player2 Tag [Forum username2]
- In-game (Steam) Player3 Tag [Forum username3]
- In-game (Steam) Player4 Tag [Forum username4]
- In-game (Steam) Player5 Tag [Forum username5]

Rules Agreement
By submitting this post, all members listed on this team's roster have read, understand and agree to comply with the rules set forth in this tournament.

Aliases will not be tolerated. Players must be the same gamer tag shown on the roster at the time signups close in order to compete. The forum username of the players must be included as forum private messages will be used as the primary method of communication with the winners for prize distribution. Failure to include the forum username of any player will forfeit their prize eligibility. They can, however, still play in the tournament.

The signup thread will unlock when signups open and will re-lock when the signup window has closed. At closure, rosters will be considered finalized.

Details are being finalized and will be posted shortly once commitments are cemented.

Server Selection and International Play:
North American competitors: the server that provides the least ping advantage to both teams will be used unless an alternate server is agreed to by both teams.

European competitors: The timing of this tournament severely favors North American participation (9pm EDT on a weeknight) and therefore, servers will be based in that region. However, if a European team wishes to compete and is willing to play on NA-based servers, they are free to do so. In this case, the server that provides the best ping situation for both teams will be used.
Weapon damages etc graph upgraded

Re: Brink

Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 11:57 am
by Holyman
Valve AntiCheat must be in use throughout the tournament. Any individual or team caught cheating will forfeit all progress and be ejected from the tournament Observers will be on hand to monitor games.

Re: Brink

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 12:52 pm
by dox
Alrighty, I've more updates - this time perhaps a bit more dire - it took more play time to discover them (because one has to start learning the maps/weapons/etc in order to pass judgement on them)
  • It was only when I played without headphones that I discovered that sound regularly cuts out; an obvious compatibility issue.
  • Some of the level design is, simply put: very bad. In other words: only one or two narrow ways to get to an objective - any half competent team will lock it down 100% w/turrets, mines and multiple players watching the entrance. This isn't like TF2 where it takes some effort to combine your team to lock something like this down (and the enemy has a chance to uber out of it) -- this is stuff that happens very often on certain maps with pub players that aren't using mics or typing to one another.
  • Imbalance, imbalance, imbalance: when certain things are combined you get some really freaky situations, the most obvious being that in some cases you can not do anything to prevent someone from defusing an objective except hope that you get lucky.
  • Invisible players. Yes. Invisible players (can't see them, can't see them on scoreboard).
  • This one might be subjective but I'll maintain that not showing KDR or ping is unacceptable for competition. I don't care that it's a team game. Competitive play requires these things, period.
  • Failed in-game VOIP is killing this title for public play. If you want an active [competitive] community you need to make the pubbing experience good. Without VOIP (working + defaulting to being on) the experience is severely diminished. Ironically the life-line here is that you can't resell the digital download on PC so PC players are more likely to stick to the game (I've already seen it in used-bins for console).
  • Unimportant things like text that gets regularly corrupted (instead of letters you see scattered pixels) leaves a negative psychological impression (and thus, easier to diss the game's lack of polish)
This thing really needs patches. They need to come out soon because we all know how patient gamers are :)'s definitely got the potential to be pretty awesome if the developers fix these things up quickly; I know it's only been out for a week now and every game has its launch issues, but the timer is ticking.

NOTE: I think you can/should play this competitively, and it's great fun (of every moment I've had in the game: the scrimmages have been very, very fun) but it's all required "gentlemen agreements" in order to make it viable. I have considered this for my "competition worthy" determination (aka: things need to be enforceable by some kind of config + meeting some minimum requirements).

Re: Brink

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 2:58 pm
by Smithy
i dunno dox i find the scrims to be "more fun" but the use of buff and stuff to weapons seems really lame.. with out a engi buff to your gun its like gimping yourself big time.. and sometimes as an attacker you cant have a engi on your team as you need other classes for the objective.. not to mention the other team are all engi's and have turrets/mine every where

Re: Brink

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 3:04 pm
by Enef
I think we can expect to see some patches this week for the graphics issues and hopefully the invisible players issues. 2 patches in the first week of release is promising. Look how long it takes companies like Infinity Ward to patch their PC games and Treyarch too. Unfortunately it's started to become the standard to release broken games then patch them later, luckily Splash Damage seem to be doing this sooner rather than later.

Personally i can forgive little errors (the invisible players+invisible on scoreboard thing can be fixed by rejoining a server, not the optimal thing for a comp game but it's fixable that way, the sound bugs on certain maps are strange but i imagine they are trying to figure out whats going on.) and look past them, i'm having a lot of fun on pubs but find myself playing the game less now that i am max level unless i have someone to play it with on pubs.

I still want to try and get in on some scrimmages and as i've said before am hesitant to just get a random mix together to play against someone who's [potentially] got some experience already, I would rather mix internally with people to get an idea of tactics etc but you NA guys don't start playing until later :/