Crack Clan

Our Gaming History

Our experiences spanned countless titles and environments across multiple continents. We enjoyed in-house tournaments, competitions and tons of casual play across many versions and platforms. What follows is a brief summary of our more notable gaming achievements.

Title Achievement
Battlefield 2 I-series champions, top 10 NA team
Battlefield 3 Top 20 NA team
Battlefield 4 Community organizer
Battlefield 5 In-house tournament organizer
Call of Duty 4 Top 10 EU pro team
Counter-Strike 1.6 Top 10 globally ranked
Counter-Strike Source EU pro champions
Desert Combat Top 3 globally ranked
DiRT 2.0 Weekly Rallycross championship host
Extra-Life 2021 Raised over $1500 for childrens hospitals
[email protected] Top 1%/10K ranked team globally
Quake 1 & 2 In-house tournament organizer
Red Orchestra Top 3 globally ranked
Squad Top server host, community organizer, conscripted combat
Team Fortress 2 Pro EU champions, Pro AU champions