Gathering, and TF2

Thanks for coming by to read another update, today’s is about another gathering, community focus and TF2!

We’re getting together again

cc-article-gatheringSummer with all its glorious sun and greenery is beginning to loom overhead which means we fall back in to the pattern of talking about, planning and attending yet another epic Gathering! Preliminary discussions have already begun and it appears we’re looking at August somewhere in North America. If you’re interested in find out more please pop by The Gathering channel in Discord and take a look and type something – we’ll be hosting a meeting to start nailing down those details this coming week. For those that don’t know: The Gathering is an annual leave-your-PC-at-home event where we travel to meet and hang out to trade war stories, BBQ and have some kind of adventure.

Community organization

Frontier GamesSpeaking of adventures: we’re setting out on a new one which concerns our community initiatives. Over the last few years we’ve fuzzed the line between our competitive and community elements; it’s always been that way but all the more so as of late. Today we’d like to formally announce some clarity in that regard – Crack Clan will remain the exclusive group with competitive elements it has been all along, but we’re also hosting a new “nation of communities” called Frontier Games. While Crack Clan will continue on its 18+ year journey we will also be supporting the wider scene with all our friends in an open community that’s meant to brave the new frontier of facilitating easy matching of game events without any of the clan hangups, trials and other challenges all with an eye toward career and family oriented gamers. If you’ve got limited time but still want to have reliable game sessions with like-minded people before going back to take care of other responsibilities, or if you’ve got a similar community that would like to benefit by being alongside others we invite you – with no strings attached – to check out and support this idea by your presence, activity and idling! Come build a new experience while keeping your own intact, feel free to ask dox any questions you might have about it.

Team Fortress 2 Re-Entry with Kaylus

cc-article-tf2-kaylusLast, but certainly not least: we’d like to proudly announce another collaboration which circles around a familiar pasture. Since we began supporting Team Fortress 2 back in 2007 we’ve had a myriad of adventures that have taken us round and around everything from pubbing it up to professional activities for many years. After a bit of a gap and some false-starts we’d like to signal our intention today to formally get back in to the swing of things with the results of months of talks and collaboration with Kaylus who is joining us as “Director of TF2” to head up those initiatives. He had this to add:

Hey thank you Im so happy to join and so glad to become a part of Crack Clan and to start what should be an amazing adventure. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration and hope to make great things with Crack Clan.

Bonjour et merci je suis très heureux de rejoindre et de devenir un membre de Crack Clan. Je suis également très content de commencer ce qui devrait être une très belle aventure. J’ai hate de commencer cette collaboration et j’espère qu’on fera de grandes choses ensemble.

We’re looking forward to announcing future results of all of the above and are keen to figure out where we’re going for Gathering and what’s next for us with cc//TF2. Thanks again for reading!

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