General round-up

Hi folks! With summer winding down (booo) we’re seeing the seasonal pick up of activity starting to ramp so I’m going to try to summarize a few things here and there to keep us in the loop. We’re also burning this new site in with an open beta so I’ll also be sprinkling tips and tricks across these kinds of updates so make sure you check it out to get the most from the Crack Clan experience!

TF2: Our rosters are pretty solid at this point and we’re really excited to put forth another awesome EU Premiere team (how many years has it been?) to kick off another ETF2L Season with the first match coming up featuring @Retsh0ck (demo), @Admirable (med), @Tviq and @Smzi (scouts), Ipz and @Minimoose (soldiers), stay tuned for more details (they’ll show up here, on the calendar and we’ll probably be streaming it live on the front page). Of course it doesn’t end there because we’ve also got EU Blue taking on Division 2 with their first official match of the season featuring @Ashy (med), @EleAbides and @TreeToon (soldiers), @Bucket (demo), Fresh and @LillCeder (scouts) — good luck and have fun boys!

GW2: honestly, I’ve never really been an MMO guy and pretty much sneered at it from my lofty FPS throne, but I’ve got to break down and say that actually giving GW2 a try has revealed some gaming possibilities that I hadn’t really considered before and am really enjoying. The concept of pitting servers full of hundreds (thousands?) of players against each other in a persistent, on-going battle really gives strategic thought a bit of a test. We’ve got @justice, @Pockets and @Smithy running the show over there and gearing up for an awesome WvWvW campaign, high5s to all the new folks joining us on this! For those still on the fence about it I’d humbly suggest that talking to some of our guys or even checking out reviews and videos may be worth your time, we’re still recruiting!

Keep reading for Battlefield 3 Tournament and Minecraft Server news as well as a new site tip!

BF3: Hooah! That Armored Kill DLC is out and BOY does it satisfy the urge to do some tank smashing. If you’ve felt that Battlefield 3 was missing that old-school vehicular aspect then, well, you’re probably not reading this and are playing the game instead! Unfortunately for me it’s come out so late that I don’t think there’s any place left for larger (10v10, 12v12) competitions like in days past (and Battlerecorder is still.. vapour) but to that end I’m putting a little effort in to organizing an internal 12v12 tournament and opening it to non-Crack Clan members too, just follow that link if you want to know more.

Minecraft: It just keeps on ticking — a new Crack Clan Tekkit server has been fired up and is already seeing those blocks re-stacked to create some more neat stuff (I like the theatre, hehe). If it’s been a while or you’ve never tried (!) then drop a line to @Crystal or apply to join our Minecraft Group to get in on it, we’ve got a nice, chilled group of about 10 people regularly knocking stuff away

Site Tip: One of the most effective ways you can interact with the new site is through the Activity tab — click through it yourself and see what it does! — the secondary options it offers allow you to filter the page down from all (noisy!), to friends-only (warm) through to group activity (competitive/forum/clan business). As soon as you start using them I’m sure you’ll find your particular groove so check it out!

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