Guild Wars 2

Formed fourteen years ago Crack Clan has spawned countless campaigns and game play genres, hundreds of players, dozens of leaders, league/ladder administrators/directors and community mentors and initiatives while catering to all levels of gaming: casual, amateur, semi-pro and professional across two continents.

We invite you to come check out our forums, kick back and pull up our mumble to come play with us. Our main focus will be on WvWvW and Arena PvP, but we will also endeavour to put our eyes on end game PvE dungeons. We offer a unique perspective for MMO game play with some members having an intimate knowledge of game mechanics, while others having GW2 be their first plunge into the scene. Our clan in GW2 will offer a sociable and scalable environment that puts fun to the forefront.

We offer:

  • All technical infrastructures (forums, servers, etc)
  • A tried-and-true method of governance and stability
  • Opportunity for growth
  • An existing backbone to launch GW2 from with a prestigious name and history
  • WvWvW and Arena PvP focus
  • World-wide presence full of amateur and professional players alike

We’re looking to grow our GW2 presence and are now open to applicants contacting us, please read more about us and then fill out our application form and @Pockets will be in touch with you!

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