Happy 15th Anniversary!

cc_15If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that fifteen years ago (and even more recently) I never thought I’d be sitting down writing a retrospective piece about CC and how it’s delivered far, far more than just time-killing entertainment over a decade and a half.

As I re-read my writing from years back it’s hard to ignore the fact that so much of what’s been built and accomplished has relied on other people. I think it’s even more interesting that it’s taken everyone from the keen to the lazy, the betrayers to the loyalists and the lovers and the haters to construct what is now a totally unprecedented foundation.

The whole thing has been a trial by experience, a constant re-discovery of who we are, and, who we aren’t. Just as you can have your eyes opened and your enthusiasm fired up by hungry people that want to achieve something (and actually put the effort in to do so) you can also take a falling out with long time acquaintances to gain precious insight and raise yourself to the next level.

The expected lessons in management and infrastructure I started learning 15 years ago have also been intertwined with less likely experiences that have taught me a set of skills that I never would have predicted; ones that will continue to carry great value and significance in to everything I do.

So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone involved: my clan brethren, our opponents, the admins, the broadcasters, the fans, the developers and producers, the haters, the splinter groups and offshoots, the returnees and everyone that’s been a part of CCT, CC42 and CC — you’ve made this such a profound and satisfying experience for me that I truly feel like I’ve won the best prizes possible and am left wanting nothing else. To see our core values still there, to hang out with like-minded folks from three continents, to win both by score and by everything else while maintaining the integrity of our organization over all this time simply blows my mind, especially when I think back to all those years ago when we asked “what do you guys think about making this a regular thing?”

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