battlefield // action every monday

invite-only battles
(you're invited!)

Get that competitive, match-like, try-pants vibe without the practice, time-sink and/or rage.

Join our accomodating, experienced group on Mondays on our private server and play with no strings attached!

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Mondays 6:00pm MT // 8:00pm ET // 1:00am BT

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R6: Siege // environmental destruction and co-operation

the series is back

The latest in the Rainbow 6 franchise is also our newest weekly event, if you're interested in participating let us know in discord; we're running orientations, walkthroughs and certification programs as well as private and public matches. Our current standings are viewable here.

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Tue/Thu6:30pm MT // 8:30pm ET // 1:30am BT

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game club // steam sales made more fun

New Games Every Month

Each month we select two new games to play, discuss and organize events around. The main title is meant to be under $25, the secondary one under $5.

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Get more from your collection

How many games do you have lying around that didn't get a chance to get played? Wouldn't it be great to be able to go back and fire some of them up along with some other people at the same time to rediscover? That's the idea behind Game Club!

How We Pick

Participating members vote, preference is given to games that exist in participating members' backlogs whenever it makes sense and selections are also tuned to coincide with Steam sales where possible!

This Month - Under $25

Evil threatens the world so the world needs heroes. Those heroes are Broforce. Under-funded but never out-gunned, Broforce is always standing ready to step in and save the day. Fight terrorists. Rescue your fellow bros. Defeat the devil bosses.

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This Month - Under $5

We haven't picked an under $5 title for the month yet, join us in discussion and cast your ballots to help us pick the next game that we'll be playing, all you need is a forum account and the rest is set!

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come out & play

Pick any event and join us to experience what we've been enjoying for almost 18 years!

Our events and initiatives are friendly and accomodating, we provide a friendly environment that emphasizes character and camaraderie and is open to visitors from all walks of life! Just show up on time and play and we'll see you there!

great schedules

We all have careers, families, etc. We offer the perfect solution for the grown up gamer!

Come fit a round of competitive gaming in between dinner and dishes. After years of experience we've found a way to deliver an exciting game session without all of the pain, effort and time-sink of other competitive organizations.

Last Update: February 8, 2016 22:21 MT

get started!

It's easy to join us in any/all of the things you see below, no membership required!

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come play // no strings attached

easy no hassle voip

We're using Discord, it's free, works on mobile, tablet and desktop and downloading it is optional, you can run it in your browser. A persistent text chat helps us all stay in touch and organized.

no clan hangups

Our environment is an open one, you don't need to be a member to participate, just click to connect and talk to us any time or come to any of our scheduled events!

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Insurgency // Insurgency vs Security forces weekly

weapons hot!

Join us as we take our Insurgency activity and combine once a week on a private server to battle each other in a focused and friendly environment; whether it's escorting a VIP or just crawling out alive from a firefight these are experiences unlike what you get on public servers.

transparent approach

Planned gaming sessions will find you challenged and entertained, the private environment offers a stability and trust that others can not while we traverse a series of maps and challenges with a group of balanced, like-minded players who will exchange their tips & tricks to benefit all.

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Thursdays 6:30pm MT 8:30pm ET

elite:dangerous // DIY MMO in space

a unique offer

When you release a game that contains a 1:1 reproduction of our known galaxy within you know that you've got something major on your hands. Whether you want to bounty hunt, pirate, trade, explore or mine E:D has many options.

frontier accord

We have formed the Frontier Accord, Eite Dangerous Alliance Friendly Group that aims to extract more from the game with scheduled sorties and group efforts.

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Frontier Accord

Every day All Timezones

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