Joining a gaming organization can be a deeply personal and subjective experience – it’s also important for both parties to be happy, after all, it’s where we’re spending our free time. To that end, here’s a few of our standard rules which should help lay the groundwork as to what we require as a bare minimum – if you like what you see then you should get in touch and move on to the next (interview, meet’n’greet) phase of requirement!

We don’t do bigotry

An organization with our history and longevity would not be possible without the contributed effort of different opinions, tolerance and lack of prejudice. We have plenty of people with varying lifestyles and viewpoints and one of our strengths is being able to provide an environment where we can leverage this fact to better our organization. In short: No racism, sexism, or close-mindedness.

Taking the “Higher Ground”

There’s plenty of organizations that promote (or tactically employ) smack-talk, griefing, snobbery and related behaviour. However if you like the idea of respecting your opponents, contributing toward building healthy communities, mentoring, not getting a rise out of everything and holding yourself and your organization to a higher level then you’re already getting a taste for our direction toward interacting with others online. Even pro’s make mistakes and have things to learn; keep it real!

Not for Kids

joining_us_adultsWe prefer people that practice conflict resolution over conflict avoidance; we find that regular open communication with a sprinkle of compassion contributes toward a more fun and healthy gaming environment, we also find that this is a trait predominate amongst legal adults which is one of the main reasons that we stick to 20+ only membership.

Own the Experience

If you’re the shy/quiet type that would rather sit in a channel by themselves, if you’re intimidated by meeting new people, if you’re worried about stepping on people’s toes – this isn’t the place for you! We’ve got members that have happily been around for years and the one thing they all have in common: they own their tags – this is our clan!

Keeping all of the above points in mind; if you speak up whether something is good or bad, if you get behind your team, if you participate in our democratic process and if you help out once in a while by putting in some elbow grease to ensure that you’ll HF and benefit from GGs then fill out this form and let’s get started!

(no support for console players/teams for the time being, sorry!)

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Before you sign up you should really check the About Us and Rules pages — you don’t want to be getting in to something without knowing everything about it, right? We stick to those principles and have had people who didn’t know/care about them before so we’re just giving you a moment to pause before diving in!

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