Crack! Pro TF2 Team to face TLR in Losers Bracket

At the PC Gamer Showdown LAN at Stoneleigh Park, Crack! has fielded two teams in their Team Fortress 2 tournament, their recently acquired Pro team, as well as a group of their amateurs playing for fun. Brutally, the Pro team was seeded against our amateurs in the first round of elimination, with the Pro team winning 17 – 0.

The cc//Pro team went on to face TCM, where they lost by just two points and were knocked into the loser’s bracket where faced wotr2, beating them 5 – 0. Crack! Clan faces team TLR Sunday at 11:00 GMT on ctf_turbine. If they can beat TLR tomorrow, they are just two matches away from taking home first place!

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