March 2015 Update

Perhaps a more significant update than usual as it marks our own software update as well; heightened activity and requests have brought the integration of several new authoring systems so that we can have news on our front page again as well as space to link articles going back through the years. This is just a really rough Alpha build (so expect layout, comment, meta issues to persist until they’re solved) but we’re rolling it out along with updates to the various sections and including a new roster page to reflect us more accurately! With that out of the way, read on for more:

Battlefield 4 keeps on ticking

We just can’t put the game down – Wednesday nights are a repeated success with 10+ players across three continents joining up for an hour or two of intense action in the try-pants kind of way. We’ve got several additional initiatives that are under way:

  • Mondays: the idea of Monday nights accommodating BF4 activity have been put on the plate, they may also coincide with the next part:
  • Competitive: there’s about 6 of us that are interested in having a discussion about competitive BF4. dox will announce a day next week for that meeting and we’ll see where it takes us – it’s about time!
  • Platoon: it’s not the most obvious of features in Battlelog but after a year of being ignored it’s time to fire it up and get that score going – if you haven’t already joined it what are you waiting for?!
  • Recruiting is open!: We’ve decided to open up no-strings-attached recruiting for everyone’s fun, read more about our no hang ups, lots of fun approach and get in touch if it’s for you!

Elite: To boldly go where no one has gone before

The latest patch has really changed things in the game, there’s also been a flurry of player-driven activity that the dev’s feed off of and support with community initiatives. Now’s a great time to be tuning those frame shift drives and getting in to a wing to gather up some credits and fame in the on-going saga that is being written in our area of space. Some major battles and wars have opened up and now that the honeymoon phase is over we’ve found ourselves with an active core (fuego, teddy, leetto, bradders, inno, dox) which could also lead to regular nights and the opening up of recruiting. Don’t forget to check the Frontier Accord web site for more information.

Minecraft: one block at a time

It looks like Minecraft is back! Anubis has taken it upon himself to plan, build, support and promote an Inifinity Mod – based Minecraft server which is currently up — it’s kind of mind boggling as to how this hasn’t happened before as if you’ve ever seen any of his creations then you’d know what it might mean to know that he’s had his stuff wiped from other more poorly run servers at least eight times. Augh! Here’s to a positive, stable future — it’s a fantastic time to fire up the game again — instructions are simple:

You’ll need the FTB Launcher:

  1. Once you launch it pick the “Infinity 1.7” mod (should be top of the list on the left)
  2. Then *instead* of the “Recommended” default pick 1.3.1 from the pull-down list.
  3. Add your Minecraft login/password in the bottom right after hitting the “Edit” button
  4. Launch!
  5. Connect to Teamspeak, get IP details, friends to play with and projects to build!

CC Sightings

We’re fortunate enough to have such a history that a lot of names are on our watch list – this week alone we’ve had appearances from skullhead and dawniii; Chivalry and TF2 seemed to be the titles taking up their attention. Perhaps repeated appearances will find us firing up those titles again! There’s also been rumours of Cobra being a regular lurker on these forums, maybe he’ll be spotted in TS as well! 🙂

CC Anniversaries

March is a busy month for anniversaries, let’s celebrate some of these CC Cake Days here especially since March is such a big one!

9 years: Smithy clocked his penultimate single-digit CC cake day on the 19th!
5 years: Both Hibble and Innovation hit their 5 years on the 10th!
1 year: The TitanBroFist crew (ATRavenousStorm, FuegoRedux and Teddy) on the 20th!

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