Meet cc//Psunfragga!

cc_meet_psunIn the first of the series of Meet cc//, we sat down for a talk with Psunfragga, Leader and medic of the TF2 European Team currently playing in etf2l Division 2B as well as various cup competitions.

We ask her about her interests, her team and what it’s like to be a female gamer.

Hey, Psun first of all would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

I’m currently clan leader of a team recently formed under the MGO Crack Clan, where we have been recently promoted to division 2. My main class has always been medic and I am currently the caller for my team. I’ve played in the past on roster with FakkelBrigade 2, however I have spent a lot of time playing as a merc for many well known teams during season 5/6. Outside of my team games, I’m a mentor for those who want to improve their game individually or as a team.

Before we get stuck into talking about TF2 could you tell us more about yourself, any interesting hobbies or jobs/studies?

I’m currently a university student studying computer science with management. I currently have a job in network security – basically a technician! Currently I play rugby for a small town team and have a background ranging from martial arts, to the air force cadets all the way to plain old flower arranging!

Did you play any other games competitively before TF2 and what first attracted you to playing the game?

Never. With my academics, I never had enough time to pursue gaming between other activities, I was a bookworm! I had the odd games on PlayStation and absolutely loved Gears of War on the 360. Originally I bought orange box because my college friends would not stop talking about portal during their lunch break – on the disk was TF2, which they eventually picked up. My PC originally couldn’t handle the game, but a birthday gift of some RAM and a GPU I was well on the way to playing it. The best part was the social side of TF2 I found from a great community pub, there’s a lot of fun to be had in a game of 9 cartoon characters.

Being female and playing at a high level in a pretty male dominated scene do you feel any added pressure to prove yourself?

Pretty? I’d say mostly! It’s a double edged sword – on the one hand theres a lot of attention that is positive and on the other, people will underrate you or judge you before you even speak. In past, I found it frustrating at times to be rejected for teams simply on false information or my gender. However I would rather play the game and let people decide their opinion of me after that. I’ve now become an established player in my team and division, there’s no pressure.

How did your current team come together?

It was a bit hectic to be honest. The original team was meant to be around a mid- level and the person who organised it basically left it on my lap. As there were rumours going around and my named being dropped, I felt like I couldn’t really back out of the team as it would fold. Since then, there’s been some changes in our line up but I’ve taken the lead on the team and there’s no plan in the future to leave. We’ve been having very strong results recently and have risen past most peoples expectations.

Do you feel any added pressure playing under the Crack Clan name as the new #1 team following on from the very successful team led by Moose?

In a way, there is a pressure as some people recognise the name and tag. However, upon look of our line up it is very clear that we are a completely different team. Added to this, the line up lead by Moose has folded for various reasons with half the players not active any more. The good thing is that we know Crack Clan has had experience with an ambitious team, therefore we’re hoping to be supported on our way through the seasons.

Are you pleased with your progress as a team this season and how would you like to improve as a team and an individual?

Extremely pleased with our team season so far! At the start we were favourited to be the first to fold and it was initially planned we would mid-seed in division 3 of ETF2L. Upon our successes of beating reputably skilled teams such as Rockit, we were thrust into the limelight and offered a promotion in the first week of the season into division 2.

We accepted it with the aims to not come last, however with 2 teams folded and a stronger feeling of teamwork it seems we will place nicely in division 2. Our team is very active so we’re improving on a day to day basis, I would like us to polish some maps off with some experimental tactics to bring something new to the table in TF2.

Individually, I’ve shaken off most of the rust from being inactive. There’s a few off days and a few times I’m not concentrating on what I’m doing because we’re trying out new strategies and I need to talk a lot, but it’s getting there. The more we’re playing together the better our chemistry.

What do you see as the future for TF2, is it going to die?

Haha there’s a common phrase flying around of “TF2 is dead” but I would like to believe differently. Recently there has been a spotlight of TF2 on cadred, with some great articles being written. With the Esports Heaven cups being sponsored by Sennheiser and Asus, it’s clear to see that there is money still within this game. Within ESL, it would be fantastic to make TF2 enter the Intel Extreme series, however a lot of teams have been dropping out and you can see the cash prize decreasing each season. There should be no excuse for this laziness – even if you aren’t going to place 1st, it would be great for people to support the game they love and learn something along the way. The main league for TF2 doesn’t have a cash prize despite being sponsored by Valve, so emphasis should be placed in other areas.

What would your TF2 Dream Team be?

It really depends on if I can play – I’ve got a lot of respect for broder Torden as medic, so he would be an easy choice. TCM Zerox and www.Predz for scouts, TCM Haunter and daf for soldiers, TCM Byte or www.Bash as demo. However, as it stands I absolutely love my team in cc// and would rather play with them instead!

What has been your favourite moment in your gaming career so far?

I have so many times of laughing or raging or thinking ‘damn that was awesome!’ To put it down to something slightly embarrassing, it would be the nervousness I had before ever playing with wotr or vale (the current TCM) – my hands were shaking so much. Doing it now, I’m fine but back then I felt the pressure of being the FNG.

Any shout outs you would like to give?

Huge shout-out first and foremost to my team – Santa, Retshock, FF63 The Naked, Tom [email protected], Rocky,  BvD, An Orange & keK (our mascots!), to Holy for the support he’s giving us while with Crack Clan. There is a lot of people I’m thankful to for supporting both my team and myself individually and they know who they are – really grateful for it and I owe you ice creams!

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