Meet cc//Tina

kek: Alloh, Tina, why don’t you introduce yourself to the readers and tell them your role here in Crack Clan?

Tina: Hello, my real name is Catriona I’m 28 years old and from Isle of Lewis (North West of Scotland), also one of few females that play Red Orchestra 😉 I’ve always been into games. Been playing console games since the age of 12, but only played online since 2005… I’m pretty new to the online scene always willing to learn new things.

Here’s a bit of my gaming history: My first clan was [5thW] ss Division and I was TRO (Training and Recruitment Officer) for 5thWs COD UO, COD 2 and RO Divisions! Soon after RO went to retail I joined {Core} in 2007 till 2009 I was co-leader and match arranger. Things didn’t quite work out there and then I got invited to cc// March 2009 have no regrets 🙂

kek: When/how did you first start playing RO? And when did you start playing it competitively? And how did Crack Clan’s RO team become to what it is today?

Tina: I started playing RO in February 2007 and I’ve been playing the game competitively from day one. It took me a long time to get over the learning curve. I cant talk about cc// RO division from how it was, but I know from what others said that the old cc// team were solid league players. With the new team I hope to work on us getting good teamwork on board and try to make sure everyone has fun in the squad. I also try to encourage the team to mix with the other divisions in the clan.

kek: RO is a pretty unknown name out there to the E-sports community, so can you tell us a little about this community and the leagues they have out there as well as the ones Crack Clan is participating in?

Tina: cc// used to play on roleague where we came top 3 on all the tours No. 1 on Danzig tournament here’s our match list… this was all on 2009.

TaT Danzig Tournament – Champions: 4-0-0
RO League Tour III – Runner Up: 9-3-0 (e.Bomb)
RO League Red Tide II – Runner Up: 6-2-0 (e.Bomb)
RO Ladder: 16-14-7

ATM we only play on ROL, where we are fighting amongst the best clans in RO. We are soon to take part in a Red Tide Tournament (tanks only) and that should be fun for everyone.

kek: Earlier in the season, Crack Clan parted ways with a handful of members on the RO Roster, could you tell me how one of the key-players/captains on the RO team managed to handle such a situation? And what obstacles you and your team had to climb over in order to stay as a functional team?

Tina: A week before Christmas we lost a lot of members due to some disagreements to how things were done. This was a big gap in the squad, but I knew the players that were left were dedicated and we would be back on track. This was gonna take time. We took time out of ROL to rebuild the team and we were able to get enough members within a month. We are now pretty active on ROL playing every Sunday and holding trainings on Saturdays

By the first month of 2010 we managed to pick up a few good recruits like cc//Delgado, cc//Desert, cc//Nutella and it’s good to see cc//CopperHead and cc//Clumsy back with us. We now have between 10 to 13 turn up for matches which is a good result. The time spent rebuilding the squad has been rewarding 🙂

kek: Can you tell us what’s coming up for CrackClan’s RO squad in the upcoming future?

Tina: In the future I hope we can develop good team chemistry and do some damage on the ladder and Red Tide. To me having fun is also important.

kek: Any shout-outs that you’d like to give?

Tina: I would like to thank cc//Cobra, cc//Hans, cc//NoOuts and cc//skullhead for helping out when things were tough….you guys are true warriors,thanks a lot 🙂 I’d also like to thank cc//dox for everything he’s done with the squad for being there to help sort things. I love being part of this clan and thanks for the opportunity. Can’t think of anything else to add… hope this was an interesting read.

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