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haloAfter our Halo 3 team’s recent success in winning MilkLAN #2 this past weekend in Paris, France, our Team Captain Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic decided to write a blog recounting the weekend.

Some of the stats pages linked to in this have some of the players in the teams’ the wrong way round, each link highlights me and I am on the right team in every stats page, so you know which team is which.

Day 1
Adam and the twins had spent the day in Paris because they were all there a lot earlier than me, my flight wasn’t till 6pm. After landing in Paris I paid 45 euros for a taxi to the hotel, the driver took the long way round but obviously, he didn’t speak English, or maybe he did and just pretended not to. Anyway, I eventually arrived at the hotel to find the Adam Baig spread across ‘our’ bed, it was just like in my dreams. Got some food, went back to the room and watched some rubbish on TV falling asleep about 2 00.


Day 2
Got up far too early, like 0700. Got some breakfast from McDonalds and went to the venue for about 1130, awful decision. We sat around all day because we weren’t supposed to be there till 1600 when they were closing the internet cafe to the public for the whole weekend. We got a BYE past WBR1 so didn’t get to play our first match till 2100 or 2200. In horrible conditions I have to add, we had a team playing right behind us giving us no space whatsoever to work with, and actually half way through game 2, I had an argument with the guy behind me, it didn’t get either of us very far, I went -2 in a game we won 50–32, but for Christ sake the guy behind me was playing on his own and still decided to get in the way. Anyway, as I said we won game 2, TS Guardian, 50–32, and game 1 was a quick 3–0 on CTF Narrows.

Day 3
Arrived at the venue for about 0900, played a few warm up 2v2’s, smacked Adam and Will while carrying Alex, was sick stuff.
Got moved off the stations for tournament play resuming, and hung around with Kiru4/TiLou/Chinois/Chaman from Fair Frag, Simon (Kiru4) is the funniest guy on the planet. Our next game was the WB Semi-final against their team, which started off well, we won the first game 5–3 on CTF Onslaught. The next game didn’t run as smoothly, Adam pretty much got raped and was hoping to god to have a lot of assists but his god let him down haha. Adam and the rest of us played the next two games a lot better and won in comfortable fashion, 3–1 overall, sending us to the WB Final, against either The Imperial or mX.


After a shaky start The Imperial walked through their semi-final and into us, where they carried their momentum a lot better than we did. We lost game 1, CTF Narrows 3–0 in less than 7 minutes and I take all the blame for it, BUT I HAVE AN EXCUSE: everyone had 30 minutes warm up except me who had a meagre 2, you know there had to be a reason for such appalling stats. However I brushed off the heavy loss and got most kills and assists in the next game, TS Pit. It was a tight finish, 50–48 in favour of us but I was a lot happier with how we played together. The next two games weren’t quite as close and we came out on top of them both to win the WB Final 3–1.
Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Round Four
Next up, either Fair Frag or The Imperial, both teams would begin the Championship final against us 3–1 down so whoever made it through was going to have a hard time. After 4 games, The Imperial made it to the final.
We all played well, the teamwork was good for the most part and we won the first 3 games of the best of 11 final, to make the final score, 6–1 to Crack Clan.
Round One
Round Two
Round Three

Final Standings
1st Crack Clan
2nd The Imperial
3rd Fair Frag
We went back to the hotel before Adam treated us to a meal in a restaurant, thanks again.

Day 4

None of us had to leave till late afternoon so we spent the day doing all the touristy stuff around the city, we even went on a tour bus for a couple of hours that went around all the main attractions, before splitting at the Gare Du Nord to make our separate ways home.
All in the all it was a fantastic weekend, I’d like to say thanks to the organisers, they were great, made it easy for four foreign players. I also want to say a massive thanks to Adam, for coming on such short notice and doing more than enough to ensure we won. And finally to Crack Clan, we wouldn’t have made it to the event without your support, we hope we’ve done you proud.

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