cc//Natu Blogs from Gamegune, Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my Gamegune 2009 blog! My name is Joona or natu as they call me and I’m going to be blogging on site throughout the event. We’ve only just settled in at the city of Bilbao but let’s go 13 hours back in time…!

My beloved alarm went off at 6am, which is an ungodly hour to wake up at. An exception to a certain rule was made as I had already packed everything ready the night before our departure – least thanks to myself, mostly thanks to a certain female who gave me no slack on the matter : (. My journey started at 7:10am sharp as my friend Hannu was waiting downstairs for me to hop into his car for an hour drive to the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport. After a brief stop at a gas station midway through, which involved a little coffee and gasoline, I was already at the airport where I found rest of the crew already waiting for me. As shocking as it may sound, everyone looked very tired and ready for some sleep on the planes : ). I mean gamers are often known to be people who haven’t slept a minute around this time in the morning and most of our team hadn’t due to excessive amounts of counter-strike the night before!

After accidentally checking in on our flight through a baggage drop-desk – we went for a quick smoke before boarding our plane to Paris. Flight time was around 2 hours 45minutes which isn’t too bad. As we’re all pretty seasoned flyers we were all prepared with plenty to read and mp3’s to listen. I myself wasn’t able to sleep for some reason, maybe because it has been a bit more than a year since I’d been on a plane the last time so the general level of noise caught me by surprise. Regardless of lack of sleep the flight was quite convenient as me, Tino and Niko were lucky enough to catch exit-seats which meant alot of room for legs for stretching out. The flight was actually 10-15 minutes early from it’s scheduled time so we had almost 2 hours layover at Charles de Gaulles airport. After swapping from terminal 2D to 2G by a shuttle – we went through security and decided to get some shopping done. I myself needed some reinforcements on the deodorant department due to forgetting my bag with all my hygiene stuff to Jönköping and Ben being too lazy to have sent them over yet ;). Some 60 euros later I was done and we were killing time at the terminal. Niko tried to show why Finns are widely recognized as a country with loads of talent in racing – but failed quite miserably. I’m thinking maybe he hadn’t played Gran Turismo before. He’s moment of glory was unfortunately cut short as a gate was already assigned for our flight to Bilbao. We decided to head over which turned out to be a good idea as boarding had just started as we got there. Luckily the flight time was to be around 1hours 20minutes as the plane wasn’t exactly big. 2+2 seats per row and little to no leg space made it quite uncomfortable to sit but knowing that it was the last flight for the day and it didn’t take more than 80 minutes – we were able to live through the misery. Landing to Bilbao turned out to be quite a rollercoaster as ”turbulence was much heavier than what we were informed prior approach” said the captain of our plane. First time in years I had sweaty hands after landing…!

After checking in to our rooms we refreshed ourselves and were all hungry so we went for some food. After eating people wanted to do some shopping – as today was all about being a tourist in Spain. We spent maybe an hour and a half on different clothing shops. People got a little tired though towards the end so we decided to head back for some much needed rest. It’s 7pm as I’m writing this so the rest of today will probably be something between chilling and getting some groceries. We might be popping by the event as well to make sure they know we’re here : ).

That’s it for today – you’ll be hearing more later as the event progresses. We won’t play until late Thursday (10pmish) so that means we can rest well till late and spend the day on getting ready for the challenges ahead


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