Pilot, your Titan is ready

cc_titanfall_coming_greyIn spite of COD-haters cringing Titanfall is hitting its release zone by zone with titan’s already being deployed in Asia with left over excitement from a successful beta being totally palpable. Respawn‘s first game release after the public breakup of Infinity Ward (who some say was left in tatters while most of ‘the real talent’ moved on to Respawn) is under intense pressure for a good release (especially with other high profile problems experienced with everything from Diablo III, Battlefield, etc) after a lot of hype that was largely met from the open beta (how rare is that?!). For the real keeners there’s a bunch to take on if you haven’t already – Adam Sessler pushes out a quick balanced overview/review, The Cynical Brit also tries to bring a level-headed 30-minute review and NVidia has released new drivers which contain some Titanfall goodness.

Of course most players will take their own time to assess the single player campaign there will be a lot of us aching to get back to the multiplayer so that we can get more of a taste of the fast-paced, multi-path, seemingly balanced, flowing, team-based title. Will it turn out to be a long-lasting title that embraces the pure core of the genre or will it be a played out and forgotten? Only time will tell but there’s little doubt that Respawn is intent on making a positive splash and will likely stop at nothing in order to place this game in to gamers history (check out this closer look at how Titanfall uses Microsoft’s Cloud to power AI and more – has this ever been done in a game before?). Either way, one thing is for sure: there’s a bunch of hours coming up where the joy of exploring a new game will land in gamers lap to inevitably lead to some long nights and underperformance at the office the next day — we hope you’ll join us! 🙂

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