Planetside 2

Join us on our next adventure!

Formed fourteen years ago Crack Clan has spawned countless campaigns across many game play genres, hosted hundreds of players, dozens of leaders, league/ladder administrators/directors and community mentors and initiatives while catering to all levels of gaming: casual, amateur, semi-pro and professional across two continents.

This time we’re setting out to build two squads on each side of the Atlantic that are interested in participating in the persistent Planetside 2 environment.

Head over to our join page and fill out the form if you’re interested to find out more and are keen on:

  • Building a team of like-minded (18+) individuals
  • Playing in a “try hard” PS2 teamwork a few times a week
  • An environment that will deliver both chilled and intense experiences
  • Leading and/or following assaults using tactics gleaned from PS1 and other games

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