red v blu wrap-up

The final game of our internal Red v Blu tournament was played last Sunday between the European Blu and the North American Blu teams. The match was set to be played on Badlands, with the winning team receiving the prize, copies of Left 4 Dead. In the end, our North American team won in a very hard fought match.

The match was played as two thirty minute rounds on cp_badlands. To remove any ping advantage, the first round was played on the North American server, and the second played on the European server.

The team match rosters;

NA Blu Team EU Red Team
cc//Atra cc//Bailey
cc//Fish #641 cc//French
cc//F1re (ringer) cc//Humor
cc//GunCrazy cc//JaCK
cc//Mooneyes cc//Shadowmaster
cc//Vengeance cc//twen-tee

With NA Blue being down one point off the start, they really had to pull things together to get a lead in this matchup. The first half resulted with a 3-0 victory by the North American team, but the victory was hardly an easy win. Several times the NA team found themselves struggling to defend their final capture point for minutes before pushing out.

On the European server, the first round was one of the best fights anyone could ask for in a round of Team Fortress 2. Out of the thirty minutes in the round, twenty-two were spent in the first round. It was a constant back and forth fight between the teams, each struggling to take the final capture and end the round. Eventually, the North American team pulled together for the round win, and won a second round shortly after. With the two scores combined, the NA team was victorious 5-0, with a score of 4-0 being officially recorded due to the use of a ringer by the NA team.

This match was perhaps the most evenly balanced match each team has experienced, and there’s much to be learned from each other in the future! Expect some videos to be released shortly. The demos are available through our forums in the Red v Blu data sheet post. Contact a member of Crack Clan if you do not have access to these demos and would like them! Good games to all teams that played and I look forward to more in the future.

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