SC2 Week In Review

The ESEA season has finally begun! And with a good start as well, winning the first match against Seal Cub Clubbing Club 3-1

SNAX > ccJaeger 2-1
ccMoa > Dex 2-1
ccJroy > Sephiroth 2-1
ccHaZaRd > Dvolp 2-0

cc// 3 – 1 SCCC

But after some unfortunate turn of events in the past two weeks for the Starcraft II team, their roster has dwindled down to 5 players with the use of 2 B-Team players. Manager of the Starcraft 2 team keK, had this to say…

“The team was meshing pretty well the first few weeks when we had our final starting 4 players plus a backup for the A Team, but due to mis-communication and understanding as well as real-life commitments, we’ve had to let Strength, veK and Thomas go. It was nice having them on the team and what they did for Crack Clan during their stay with us but we’re just going to have to be optimistic and go back into the talent searching phase to help rebuild the roster to it’s full strength-but wish the best of luck to the three in whichever endeavors they pursue.”

Upcoming ESEA Season, cc//SC2 plays against BLAST SC2 USA on Sunday and then Mobility Gaming and Chaos Factors for Week 2.

Stay tuned in the future for further roster additions and cc//SC2 news!

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