Secret Santa

CC's Fourth Annual Secret Santa

Join us in our annual tradition of gift-giving!

The season is almost upon us so it’s time to light up the CC Chris Cringle (Secret Santa!) vibe and get rolling – if you’re interested in participating you have to fill out the form below by Friday November 15th at which point you have until Friday November 22nd to purchase and mail your secret gift! If you can’t stick to that schedule then please don’t sign up; confirmation of recipients will be generated randomly and announced on Monday November 18th.



  • You pledge yourself to keeping to the timeline
  • Place your details in to the form
  • You get the name/address of someone else that is participating
  • You stick to the spending limit (20 dollars/euros/pounds) and buy a non-gag gift present
  • You wait to receive yours
  • Open your gift on the 24th/25th of December and share the results with the rest!

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Check out the posters and results from previous years below!


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