Speaking of birthdays, has it really been nine years?

Partly because people ask me to do it and partly because I like reminiscing in the past, every once in a while (funny enough, usually around this day) I go about telling a little story from the past.

Nine years ago my older brother got me playing Desert Combat, a modern warfare mod for Battlefield 1942. He had also found a nice group of people in this clan called Crack Clan 42, tagged {cc42}, and he tried to get me into it as well. So I looked it up and based on what I could tell, they seemed like a decent bunch so I figured “what the hell”.

To apply to join I wrote what my present self could only describe as the noobiest, most juvenile and downright embarrassing forum post I may ever have written (I was 14 at the time). It was also one of the best posts I’ve ever written. Just a few days later this really (and I mean really) old canadian guy calling himself “dox” set me up with a Teamspeak 2 account, while at work (due to time-zone differences) and actually took the time to chat with me a bit. Back then he personally handled every application by a personal interview, which I might add I passed (seriously, no sense of judgment at all). On a not completely unrelated note he did at that interview, on account of that I am Swedish, mention this cool video with a bunch of people calling themselves “Getaway Stockholm” that he was going to send me. He never got around to doing that. Which is cool, because thanks to the release of youtube a few years later and its ever growing userbase, I found it myself.

And so began my time in the one clan that’s kept me around for 9 years.

During these 9 years I’ve had crazy amounts of fun. I’ve played all sorts of games ranging from FPSs like DC, Red Orchestra, Team Fortress 2 to RTSs like Company of Heroes or RPGs of various kinds. Just a few moments ago I got minecraft gifted to me because a bunch of people here thought they had to get me into it and they simply got tired of my relentless attempts to avoid it (as I know it’s going to ruin my life 😛 ).

But has it all been about the gaming? No, not by far. As I am currently in the middle (figuratively speaking) of my Master’s program in Biochemistry at the Stockholm University, I have little time (or energy) to play games. Yet I still hang around in mumble, just hanging out and chatting about all sorts of crap while doing whatever I need to get done by the computer, just like I would if I had some friends over, except I don’t have to actually put up with their ugly faces 😉

A lot of this may not seem so special, we do it everyday with lots of people and as the internet and people’s home connections grow larger and better, it’s almost routine. But considering for how long I’ve been doing this with the same people, and what impact they’ve actually had on my life not to mention the amount of good memories I’ve accumulated with them over the years, the realisation that “holy crap, it’s been yet another year” only gets more and more amazing for every year.I’ve gone camping with these people (I admit it was at a LAN, but it was too damn hot to play games anyway). I’ve talked about politics, philosophy, science and other vaguely interesting topics with them, I’ve made films with them (both serious scripted in-game recorded ones and less serious ones where we just mess about with random shit) and beyond everything else, I have laughed myself to tears with these people. I pretty much see them as a second family by now, having more or less grown up with some of them, and I usually pop in whenever I just have had enough from studies, work and whatever else life may throw at me, just to catch up on things and get a few laughs out (and if time allows it, some gaming).

And these people are you guys and if you don’t feel you can be included into the group which I’ve described above, it’s just because we’ve barely interacted (if at all)… yet! And I have so many stories from the past of this clan to tell from my years here. By now, almost everything can be turned into a story. Like my avatar. It’s from back when I was new when we (the members at the time) had this fun idea that we’d all have avatars with skulls in them (I think we inofficially even called ourselves “Skull squad”) and although I at first wore one made by another member, I eventually got interested in photoshop and designed one myself, from scratch. Just another sign of the influence the people here have had on me. A lot of my hobbies, both past and present have been either acquired or developed (or both) thanks to them.
And it’s really all about those little things, which I hope I will enjoy more of in times to come. Until then, thank you all for sticking around so that I have reason to do the same 🙂

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