Spring Update

cc_spring_updateThere’s been a fair bit of shifting around with winter finally starting to fade away and bring spring along with new gaming activity, it’s time for another clan-wide update that covers the range of our community!

cc_upd_tfOur Titanfall channel has delivered some great entertainment as of late, the initial group made up of @ATRavenousStorm @Deathpuff @dox @fuegoredux and @SolRokksTeddy have been assembling and building our “Try Pants” initiative to great success with gatherings every Tuesday and Thursday night to work on chemistry, comms, teamwork, strategy, tactics and high5s. With private lobbies having been announced and implemented we look forward to filling our 6th spot (Hi @FFOMan!) and moving forward to see what other groups have been coming up with. The game having just reached it’s 1-month birthday and details from the Expedition DLC being revealed, Titanfall promises to continue to deliver fast-paced 6v6 action for some time to come!

cc_upd_bf4Meanwhile, back in the land of mixed combat, Battlefield 4 has been bolstered with the addition of Naval Strike which adds some gorgeous new maps and the long awaited “Titan mode” aka “Carrier Assault”. We’ve reconfigured our schedule and are proud to announce that with the help of @redfireant3 we’re launching Carrier Assault Mondays where we hope you’ll join us in tight squads that aim to take over those missile silos, crack the enemy carrier in half so we can board it and detonate the objectives. Also: those hovercrafts are freekin’ awesome 🙂

cc_upd_d3@Pockets lets us know that Diablo III Reaper of Souls has been released and a group of old and new CC members alike have plunged into the depths of heaven and hell! Blizzard has garnered some good will in the past few months with the removal of the cancerous tumor that was the Auction House and returned to the root of the fun of the game. We have found incredibly fun gaming time in groups and solo alike with this update and will continue to do so for some time to come. With loads of bug-fixes and game-changing loot dropping more commonly, this looks and feels like a completely new title than vanilla from original release. We encourage any interested to try the free demo or drop in our team speak channel. Until then, see you in Tristram!

cc_upd_tf2@custardo reports that the Australian TF2 team has had a good start to the ozfortress season. We are currently 4-0 in map wins against 2 different teams, one being a top contender for the top spot. Positive results have been a big morale boost as we head into the middle of the season and take on bigger fish. We have an upcoming match against one of our toughest opponents in the coming week on one of our worst maps, so it will be interesting to see how we will perform. He will keep us posted with dates and times when he can so we’re looking forward to that!

@dawniii chimes in with The EU TF2 team has finished off their first season together, having tested the water they are now moving on to scrims vs d2 opponents. With confidence the team continues practising in the hope of placing in the top 3 of division 3 next season. The first season being spent to get acquainted with each other as a team, the team is now moving towards a better grasp of their tactics and strategies, working with higher level mentors to get second opinions as well. Season 18 of ETF2L will start in May and then the EU TF2 team will be back in business.

cc_upd_mcLast but certainly not least we’ve got yet another Minecraft server refresh, this time we’re flinging the doors open and inviting anyone interested to help us take on the largest project we’ve likely ever taken; it all starts with a village, then turns in to a town and ultimately a city — we’re running the Monster Mod of the FTB variant so there’s seemingly endless entertainment coming out of there: contact @Essexboy @killer87 to get whitelisted and load up to help build a new habitat for the future!

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