Spring with RS2V, BF4, PUBG and OW

Historically speaking, the change in seasons seems to influence our group’s gaming choices, this one is no exception.  Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the long-awaited realism shooter from Antimatter/Tripwire that delivers the Vietnam experience some of us have been waiting a long time for.  It places you within an asymmetrical campaign fighting in the trenched out jungles and destroyed hillsides with everything from Punji traps through to attack helicopters threatening you and your squad as you tackle objectives.  The title seems to be a natural attractant to our Red Orchestra veterans and newcomers alike, join us in game play and come visit our crackclan.com 64-man server for more action.

Our Battlefield 1 activity seems to have tapered off significantly but has been replaced by a re-return to Battlefield 4 – the game that’ll never give up!  It almost seems as if distance made our hearts grow fonder of the title and though we still host Battlefield Mondays (every Monday at 8:30pm ET.. for the last two years!) they now again feature fierce squad-based infantry battles, vehicular combat and the chasing of objectives which still entertains like no other.  Don’t hesitate to come in and play, we’re having a fantastic time!

No mention of our current gaming environment could be complete without a tip of the hat to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which has consumed the attention of our friendlists world-wide.  We haven’t launched a special night for PUBG because it is played every single day, it is a fantastic opportunity to sample our community: being able to pop in and spend 1-30 minutes with our long-time players is an absolute treat, with nearly everyone agreeing that it’s better played with a squad – please don’t hesitate and just connect with us and play a round.. or two.. or ten!

Last but not least, it appears we’ve somehow ended up with a really happy accident — it appears that a few gentlemen who were wrinkling their nose at the ludicrous toxicity present within Overwatch’s competitive mode have banded together to bring their own kind of positivism in to the game with what appears to be a really stable roster!  Though the group only formally assembles on Tuesday nights we’ve had months of the same guys playing together and raising their game nearly daily; it’s been a pleasure and an honour to experience such a broad mix and watch it get stronger from newcomers to veterans and even founders!  We’ve seen: dox, Fast Eddie (Junabit!), FuegoRedux, g00se, Rage, Tezlin, Trashcanman, Vengeance and more regularly show up to enjoy putting rounds in — we’ve room for more as we seem to be building up to hosting internal events with our first 1v1 tournament today so come on by!

That’s the top of the pile of news in any case – if you’re a career/family oriented gamer and seek like-minded, drama-free experiences on a schedule that doesn’t run your life then please pop in and say hello, we’d love to meet more of you!

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