Squad Growing and.. we’re 20!

Hi, it’s dox here. I’ll start with the big stuff because – though I’ve seen it coming for a while – it’s only become real now. We’re 20. Yup. 20. Twenty. Twenty years of character and camaraderie as Crack Clan has plowed through what’s turned out to be the vast majority of my gaming life. We started by mailing out speakerphones and hosting conference calls and now we’re using Discord. We used to play on dial-up and now we’re on fiber optic connections. We used to save up for our Monster 3D cards and now what comes default on our motherboards (and phones) kicks the crap out of them. Someone, please pass me my cane..

I think it’s almost impossible to talk about these last two decades without slurping through a pile of nostalgia.. but I think I’ve spilled enough of it up front and, since it appears we’ve achieved the impossible, I might as well surf the wave. Let’s get this out of the way: I didn’t plan it. This whole thing grew way longer and further and bigger than most things I’ve even done or even dreamed and it sure as heck wasn’t my sole doing. It’s been such a truly epic journey that has been so integral to my existence for so long that it’s easy to start forgetting the countless details and interactions that have happened over two decades. What’s impossible to forget is the reality that I’ve been gifted by so many people: voices that turned in to high5s that turned in to great friends. Relationships that led to laughter, betrayal, births, deaths, jobs, firings, tears, fears, joy and trust. The countless times where effort and support for a pastime ended up being real and sustained and more than just playing games.

Bottom-line? Thank-you!! Having such an amazing group of people who have stuck together and worked toward building something together that delivers so much, is so easy to access and regularly delivers experiences to an uncommon standard is really unprecedented in online experiences. The group has grown from teenagers and 20-somethings into people with families and careers and those that are left have found a way to and have adapted toward working all of these elements in to a balanced life is the model set by my gaming brethren that I am most proud of being a part of. That the group remains open to adding people of all abilities and backgrounds is even more amazing. Thank you!

Squad Update: the NAS experience
Let’s move on to Squad: we were warm to the game months ago but it’s really taken on a bigger life and reached awesome heights this past Sunday as Crack Clan represented in a competitive event hosted by the guys at NAS. The rough plan is to have 4 clans face off against 4 clans in an organized battle in a non-toxic environment and NAS delivered! Crack Clan had a great showing and led both sides in the last competitive event of our teen years, our roster did the clan proud. It’s an incredible way to kick things up a notch and though we’re currently limited to 9 people per squad we’re open to having more come up and help increase the amount of time we can spend with the game. Salutes to the 10 soldiers that represented and let me play alongside them: cc//FifthYangPro, cc//Healslut, cc//John Flenaly, cc//PyroCarp, cc//Smithy, cc//BigDaddyScott, cc//xelldaa, cc//Nolag, cc//d3monicrampage3, cc//AmselD

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