Starcraft 2 Week-in-Review

A long and overdue Week-in-Review from the cc//SC2 roster is well in order!

ESEA – With the season quickly coming to a close, cc//SC2 has one more match against “Double D” to play to decide which way their current 10-4 season record will go. If victorious, cc//SC2 will be tied for 3rd with vVv!

MLG Dallas – The MLG 2011 Pro Circuit started off this weekend with its first stop at the Dallas Convention Center with Michael “cc//Jaeger” Marcin began his mission on fighting through the brackets.  Unfortunately due to performance against a strong Zerg player and technical difficulties, cc//Jaeger was eliminated from the tournament in Round 3 of the Lower Bracket to vVvRigid in a 1-2 series.

Ann Arbor Open #2 – Crack Clan’s Michigan SC2 Force consisting of Phil “cc//Lizzuma” Johnston and Justin “cc//Jroy” Roy along with the team manager and coach Eric “cc//keK” Collins competed in the Starcraft II Ann Arbor Open #2.

Coincidentally the Ann Arbor Open #2 took place on the first Saturday of April which is the annual date for the Ann Arbor Hash Bash which made cc//keK leave only one statement about the event…  “Stoners everywhere…”  cc//Lizzuma and cc//Jroy both being in opposite ends of the brackets, ended up playing each other in the Upper Bracket Finals where cc//Lizzuma took a 2-0 victory on Xel’ Naga Caverns and Metalopolis.

While the lower bracket was finishing off between a nearly two hour series between Terran player “iPSynTH” and Zerg player “Bad”.  During this break cc//Lizzuma took the time to do an impromptu cast with ICCup.TV’s prodiG to co-cast the Edmonton Starcraft 2 Tournament that took place in Canada.

But during the games, iPSynTH finally claimed victory after the long 45+ macro games to play cc//JRoy, eventually defeating him in the series 2-0.

The grand finals began around 11:00PM between cc//Lizzuma and iPSynTH in a TvT match up that would carry on throughout the night until about 1:00AM with cc//Lizzuma defending his title as reigning champ.

cc//JRoy was asked about what happened in the 0-2 series against iPSynTH and commented…

“Well, the opening game was a simple setup for my typical best of 3 series opening. Did my best with some DT Expand harass to take an early lead going into the mid-game, which he handled well with minimal loses and ended up getting an economic lead to win.

Second game I thought with the size of the map(Tal’ Adari) he would choose to go for a macro game but unfortunately a 3 barracks timing attack subdued me and finished out the series 0-2 in his favor.”

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