Starcraft II Week-in-Review

NewEgg WanFest
With the beginning of the NewEgg WanFest, players haZard, Jaeger, Strength, JRoy and Thomas are all on a roll in reaching up to their third round matches bringing home nothing but victories this week.

In the first beginning matches of CEVO during Week 1-1, Crack Clan pulls of a victory after an intense series against VTGaming where cannon rushes, thor rushes and even 7pools were all used.

Week 1-1 v. VTGaming
Thomas “ccThomas” Badger v. VTSwu
Michael “ccJaeger” Marcin v. VTPokeBunny
Justin “ccJRoy” Roy v. VTWhiplash
Mathew “ccStrength” Coulter v. VTFuture
ACE MATCH-Mathew “ccStrength” Coulter v. VTWhiplash

Here’s an interview with Mathew “ccStrength” Coulter

Q: After going 2-0 against VTFuture to tie the series up, and then losing your first match on Metalopolis against VTWhiplash, how did you feel going into Map 2, Xel’Naga Caverns?

A: I felt demoralized. Not because he is bad or anything like that, hes a really good player but I thought I had the first game won when I had 5 bases vs his 3 bases. I was really upset about that. But as Tupac would say “Keep ya head up” (Yes, I’m a Tupac fan) and thats what I did. I knew for the next game, if I was able to defend his 3gate expo into 6 gate push, I could easily win.

Q: And when Whiplash went for the 6-gate timing attack at your natural expansion, what was going through your head?

A: Well, when I saw his army coming down with a probe, I knew it was a 6gate push. I was worried a little bit because I had no spine crawlers at my base to help defend. Also, my roaches were a little late. I was almost in a panic mode, but luckily he waited for his pylon to be finished before attacking. Thats when I was able to get my roach count up high enough to just barely hold his timing attack. It did alot of damage, but he also didnt expand during his timing attack. That cost him the game since I was able to out macro him mid-late game.

Q: Coming down to the final moments, what were you thinking once you felt you had the complete advantage in the third map and eventually won?

A: The funny thing is that I was going to 7pool him the 2nd game on XelNaga, but figured it was too predictable since 1. it was a 2 player map and 2. I was already down 0-1. So Shakuras Plateau was a good map to do it since a lot of toss’s go FE. So going into the game, i was very confident that the 7pool would have worked. I wasn’t trying to kill him from it, just to damage as much as possible with the 6 lings. When I got the advantage from those lings, I knew I had the game won. The only way I could lose or have received major damage was if he went DTs. So I did a hard counter to DTs. I’m pretty sure not many zergs do what I do on maps where you nydas and break their back door. As what I expected, 2 hatch roach into nydas broke his back door and was able to kill his small army because 1. he wasn’t ready for it like I planned, 2. He went DTs and I was ready for them, and 3. he was already behind from the 7pool. I was really relieved that I won, there are a lot of good teams in CEVO-P and if there is a chance for us to win, we have to come through. Even though Spades or Torch didn’t play, a win is a win, that is all that matters in leagues.

Week 1-2 in CEVO was a tough loss but much was learned and more will be learned from this defeat with an unfortunate 0-4 loss against the Chinese-American Micro and Macro team.

Week 1-2 v. Micro and Macro
Mathew “ccStrength” Coulter v. MnMaRiNe
Michael “ccJaeger” Marcin v. MnMEdward
Daniel “cchaZard” Bidon v. MnMVadar
Thomas “ccThomas” Badger v. MnMLuckynoob

Coming up next week in CEVO, Crack Clan will be taking on InflowGaming in CEVO Week 2-1 and sixjax.NrG in Week 2-2.

In a quick weekly tournament over at SC2GG, Strength takes first after beating REQPhiliBiRD 2-0.

In the Team Fortress 2 TGBF Starcraft Showdown, TF2 Pro Soldier Michael “ccJaeger” Macrin takes on sycknesS and StarTale.TorcH, suffering a difficult loss against sycknesS’ zerg play but then beating TorcH 3-0.

Expect to hear more about JRoy’s Crack Clan event in Rochester, MI; how ccJaeger does in Fort Worth, Texas in the KarmaGaming 1v1 Tournament and how the rest of the team dose in the Teamspeak TL Open Cup in our new Starcraft Week in Review!

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