Starcraft II Week In Review

After a week filled with tryout matches and practice for new players, cc//SC2 began their week off playing against BLAST SC2 USA. An unfortunate loss for the team but after a quick meeting amongst the players in the roster, cc//SC2 finished off the week with a hectic victory against Chaos Factors and a forfeit win from Mobility Gaming SC2.

Chaos Factors

ccJaeger > Jogoman 2-0
ccaaroB < GreatWestern 1-2
ccMoa > icedragonCF 2-1
ccJroy > Fate 2-0

cc//SC2 3 – 1 CF

Why the victory might of been hectic? Well let’s ask Michael “ccJaeger” Marcin from the squad…

Q: Jaeger, what happened Thursday night before and during the match against Chaos Factors?

A: My computer crashed while I was away at work and refused to boot up when I got home. My usb thumb drive that claimed to be 4gb was actually like 3.75 and wouldn’t fit the windows 7 iso so I had to go buy an 8gig one. Went to the store and forgot my wallet so try #2 I got it, came home and tried to do the windows recovery thing which failed so I pulled out a SSD drive I won in a tournament that I hadn’t installed yet and put it in my computer and installed windows fresh onto that. Installed all my drivers and starcraft and got to play my match around 4 hours after I got home at this point. Played the first map with 4gate vs 4gate I defended he tried to tech to colossus and I busted him with blink. Started the second map and he did a fast zealot rush delaying his core managed to kill one stalker for a zealot as I began to make my 4gate push vs his 2gate robo the game lost connection to So after a few minutes he offered to regame as nothing was really decided yet in the first 2 minutes of the regame dropped me again. At which point I remembered that my stupid NIC drivers try to make game packets higher priority than other packets which causes the games to drop connection (good feature eh). So I fixed my drivers set off to play again and just walked up his ramp where he forgot to forcefield and won. My thanks to the team and player for accommodating all my computer troubles. It’s a shame the match was pvp and as such a 3 hour delay essentially means 15 minutes of play over 2 maps. I didn’t find out until afterwards that my win clinched the match for our team so that makes all the hassle worthwhile.

Apart from cc//SC2’s 2W-1L week, Justin “ccJRoy” Roy participated in the HyperCrew Online Tournament where he made it to the third round after playing defeating notable VTGaming’s Zerg player, VTZerker and then losing to the creator of the “3-Roach Mass Ling” Build, WZD.

Coming up next week cc//SC2 will take on probably the top team in the south western hemisphere, FXOpen eSports then finishing it off against team Synaptic starting on Scrap Station, a zerg favored map giving FXOpen eSports, a zerg heavy team, quite an advantage already.

Q: JRoy, what do you think about your upcoming match against FXOpen eSports, knowing you’ll be going up against the likes of Sheth and m00n-glade, where m00n-glade is already an intel extreme masters world championship qualifier?

A: Well, personally I think that all of FXO team are solid players obviously putting up good places and qualifying for the big European tournaments. But as we all know it will only take one mistake for our members to capitalize on and take the win off the FXO guys. Given the right positioning/playstyles against FXO, we should have a good match ahead of us. I’m confident in our players and should see a solid match for everyone.

Stay tuned and check back next week everyone for the upcoming results for the cc//SC2 ESEA Season.

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