Starcraft II Week In Review

Last week, cc//SC2 finished off with a 1-1 score in ESEA S8 after beating Team Synaptic and then losing to the Oceanic Team, FXOpen eSports, making cc//SC2’s record 4-2.

This week the team was faced to do a double-header and was picked to be ESEA’s Match of the Week, which was then shoutcasted by, presenting Stoic eSports vs. Crack Clan.

Crack Clan would eventually win the match without much struggle and defeat stoic eSports 4-0

ccHaZaRd v. stoicAydin
ccJroy v. MaMe
ccMoa v. BaronFel
ccJaeger v. stoicZukarakox

cc//SC2 4 – 0 stoic

Right after the stoic v. cc// match was done, cc//SC2 moved on to play against Dynamic Gaming. After some scheduling miscommunication and talks with ESEA Admins, the matches were underway, giving Crack Clan another 4-0 victory.

ccHaZaRd v. dGReyA
ccMoa v. dGJonnyLaw
ccJroy v. dGweebles
ccJaeger v. MichiganZerg

cc//SC2 4 – 0 Dynamic

This week, cc//SC2 be taking on teams vVv and Latest and Greatest(LagTT).

In other news for the cc//SC2 division, we’ll be making an addition to the roster by adding local terran Michigan player, Lizzuma, followed by an interview right below…

Q: Hey Lizzuma, welcome to Crack Clan! How are you doing and why don’t you introduce yourself to us?

A: Hey guys! I’m Phil Johnston AKA lizzuma. I’m 20 years old and currently live in Ann Arbor, MI. I’m a Terran player looking to get very competitive in the near future with regards to tournaments and other events.

Q: How did you get into Starcraft II and how long have you been playing for?

A: I’ve been playing video games for all my life. A few years ago I got really into RTS game. I started off playing games like Empire Earth, Dawn of War, and Age of Mythology. I was pretty competitive in all three, but mostly Age of Mythology and its expansion; Age of Mythology: The Titans. I attained the top spot on the ladder in both games on multiple occasions. I always loved the competitive nature of RTS games, but AoM lacked real competition, only a few thousand people played. I was always a fan of the proleagues in BW, so when Sc2 came out I decided to give it a try, and it caught on.

Q: While in Crack Clan, what are you expecting to see happen for yourself and your teammates in the near future?

A: Well, I expect us all to improve a lot. I mostly play on the ladder, so having a team around me to practice with should help not only myself but all of us quite a bit. I also expect us to be entering a lot of tournaments, hopefully some bigger ones too like the MLG events, and get some good results.

Q: Would you happen to have any shoutouts?

A: Shoutout to my parents for buying me my first RTS game and always supporting me!

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