Starcraft II Week-in-Review

The Starcraft II team has been hard at working bringing preseason results under the brand name in the CEVO Season 1 Professional division and getting ready for the seasons actual first week of matches. The results of the two matches were as follows:

Preseason 1-1 v. Stoic eSports Association
Thomas “cc//Thomas” Badger v. MaMe
Michael “cc//Jaeger” Marcin v. SikEnd
Daniel “cc//haZard” Bidon v. Drumz
Matthew “cc//Strength” Coulter v. Baronfel

Preseason 1-2 v. VTGaming
Michael “cc//Jaeger” Marcin v. VTFuture
Justin “cc//Justinsroy” Roy v. VTPokebunny
Matthew “cc//Strength” Coulter v. VTWhiplash
Daniel “cc//haZard” Bidon v. VTGiX

Now coming up in the next week, cc//SC2 will be taking on Micro and Macro on December 13th in a BO3 match-up starting map on Metalopolis.

Expect to see the cc//SC2 roster joining up coming tournaments such as the online NewEgg WanFest and Jaeger going to LethalGamers in Fort Worth, TX for the KarmaGaming’s 1v1 Tournament on December 11th and JustinsRoy playing and help running a Crack Clan affiliated event in Rochester, Michigan at the Game Over Lounge on December 18th.

Also now the Starcraft II team is bringing the fans a livestream broadcast of their games whether they’re ladder, taking place in tournaments or doing custom games (expect to hear funny conversations on our mumble as well.)

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