strength’s first LAN report

As some of you may know, I have just finished my first competitive LAN EVER. So this will be my first blog of many to come. First I would like say, thank you to cc//dox, cc//keK, and the rest of the Crack Clan organization for allowing me to represent them. I really do appreciate not only being part of an organization, but a family that cares for their gamers, and I thank you for that. I would also like to thank rockyte, winn, and sausagefest (Bautista) for supporting me at the LAN. Last, Thank you to Hyper Crew for hosting a LAN Tournament in VA. Also, pictures/brackets/video tour of the LAN/replay pack will be at the bottom of the article.

ccStrength’s POV: Before getting to the LAN, I did a night of boot camp at a friends (rockyte) house. I played SC2 long and hard. I really did not have any practice partners due to me practicing so late. The only option was to ladder, that I did. I didn’t end up going to sleep till 5 am the morning of the competition. I luckily woke up when my phone had shut off due to the batteries dying. At this time it was 11. I had an hour left to pack my desktop from rockyte’s house and get to the LAN to check in. Once i packed my desktop into my car, I finally felt like it was going to be a good day. I started punching in the address into my Tomtom (GPS device), it gave me the town I was looking for, but there were 3 different parts of the town it gave me. With the day starting so great  , i felt it was going to be a bad day. Of course it had to be the last choice it gave me. Anyway, its 12:20 and im finally on my way to the LAN. I have my windows down, blasting Tupac off my ipod while wearing my pea coat. No lie, being in Virginia, white people were looking at me like I was crazy. But what they did not know is that im a gamer and Tupac is what I needed.

I get to the LAN, walk in, I have no idea what to do. I walk around, i find my friend Bautista and grab a computer next to him. I play around with the computer trying to match my sc2 sense to the feeling in which im use too. I try to change the computers hertz to 60 to match my computer at home, but the LAN had a lock on the main settings. I plug my keyboard, mouse, and headset in. I realize that my headset cord is too small, and will have to use the LANs headset that they offer. I wasn’t happy by this, but it had to do. Then i start playing SC2 vs bautista and find that the hotkeys are set to BW hotkeys rather then SC2 standard hotkeys. At this point, im feeling like its gonna take forever to get the feeling that im use to at home. But finally i change alot of small settings to feel comfortable. I had only time for 1 practice game before the tournament started. Once the tournament started, it felt like it went by quick. Top 3 from each round robin group went on to the Ro16. I finished 2nd in my group beating winn and cloudhead, but losing to vicious. Once the RO16 started, I did not want to play LuckyFool till the RO4. But being so unlucky, I played him in the RO16. I lost the first game to really good cheese, then coming back to win the next 2 games. Next I played vicious, and kind of cheesed him. First game I went 10 pool, second game I went 7pool. Both games turned into 15 minute games and I ended up beating him 2-0. In the RO4, I played a zerg named Tomfour. He beat Avilo in his group to finish first in it. I was kind of worried about him since he was the unknown random player doing decent. But none the less, I ended up beating him 3-0. After that game, I was exhausted. I’ve played so many games in so little time. At this point my body was hurting from the wobbly chair that I was sitting in. Finally the championship started. I had no nerves going into it since I have been playing all day. But thats the problem. I felt really cloudy and tired for playing that many games in that short of a period vs the same people. It was really exhausted. But the way Aviloo played, it put me in positions that I have never played in ZvT. He has his own unique play style, it was very frustrating playing him. I ended up losing 0-3. But none the less, hes actually decent. Its just more experience to rack under my ZvT belt. Over all, I am happy with my performance. Winning $70 is never bad.

Experience Gained: Even though i only came in second, it was good enough for me for my first LAN. I had a goal of placing top 3, that i did. So i can not complain too much. But on the other hand, there are defiantly some positive and negative experiences that i gained from playing in this LAN. From being getting the jitters out, forgetting to play music while I play, getting into my specific gaming groove, or simply, not being burnt out because of playing too many games in a short amount of time. From this LAN, i feel that there is a difference between “online gamers” and “offline players”. Alot of the people simply can not play because of pressure and people watching. I give the GSL players x100 more credit to do what they do on LAN and when ~30k nerd gamers correcting their everymove.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed my first blog. I plan to write one after each LAN I attend. Again, I would like to thank cc//dox, cc//keK, and the rest of the crack clan organization. Thank you to rockyte, winn, and sausagefest (Bautista) for supporting me at the LAN. Also, thank you for Hyper Crew to host a LAN Tournament in VA. I plan to attend more LANs in the future.

Pictures (Me on left, Hyper Crew member Zyori on right. Credit to Hyper Crew for LAN pictures.), Video Tour (credit to LuckyFool/Hyper Crew), RO16 Brackets, Repack Pack/LAN Replays (Opponents such as EGlzgamer, EGstrifeCro, kyhol, SiN, PainUser. Teams such as tQ, GMMA, VT. Some are old patch, sorry for that. I hope you enjoy!)

Happy Gaming,

EDIT: strength was removed from the organization the following week and this report series is now terminated.

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