Summer Break Over, Battlefield 4 Beta

cc_post_bf4_betaThere’s fewer better ways to emerge from a summer break than to fire up a new beta of a franchise you’ve followed since day one! Today is definitely a special one over here at CC and we eagerly anticipate round after round of kicking the tires on BF4. While exploring the “incomparable” dimensions of the title (and hoping there aren’t any giraffe necks or invisible player bugs) we’ll be developing a new approach to this title, one which in spite of an awful lot of hype is going to be measured: the fact is that, competitively speaking, BF3 was a short-lived mess (or DOA depending on who you ask). What eclipsed any/all BF3 ladder/league activity was the countless hours poured in to public servers with objective-based squad play that hasn’t grown old twenty four months later.

When I look back on the years we’ve spent with Battlefield from 1942 through to Desert Combat, onward toward BF:V, 2142, BF2, Bad Company and more there’s one thing that stands out across all of them: the mixed format of the game allows for a truly infinite variety of experiences that are heightened by your teammates. Historically speaking we’ve already been extracting more from the games than was offered by the developers: whether we leveraged voice communications to make sure that we were playing like a squad (side note: what a colossal oversight not to include VOIP in BF3!) or organized our own internal tournaments to extend the life and experience of some of them we’ve always been pro-active about it.

What lasts are the memories that really embed themselves as cathartic experiences which we recollect all these years later: whether it was an epic one-man defence on the south cap of El Alamein or being pinned down by enemy armour and calling in for support just to whoop and holler when your buddy’s countless hours flying pay off right in front of your eyes. For the first time ever, we’re going to start our next Battlefield campaign without a formal, immediate entry in to competition.

A lot of us don’t have the time to put several days/week in to a game any more but still want to be surrounded by team mates that are going to put on their “try pants” and play like a cohesive unit determined to achieve an objective. Having a reliable squad at your disposal makes all the difference. It’s this very activity that we will be emphasizing from beta through to launch: we’ll begin by having scheduled, organized events that will fit in to most of our family/work schedules and focus on making the most of the time we have together before selecting next steps. It’s the exact activity that remains to this day and is the legacy of our Battlefield 3 campaign anyway, the difference is that we’ll both be acknowledging and embracing this fact and focusing on having a good time enjoying our chemistry and efforts and keeping a cautiously optimistic eye toward the future – we hope you’ll join us again!

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