Summer Update

With the summer solstice rapidly approaching we thought it best to update you on a few items that have yet to be acknowledged publicly, before people trade the glow of their monitor for the blazing sun, so in no particular order:

We’ve capped yet another two European Team Fortress 2 seasons with good reason to celebrate given their impressive 1st & 2nd place ESL group standings (as well as a 2nd place ETF2L division stance), positive chemistry built up and tangible progress toward what we hope will be solid post-summer campaigns that leverage these experiences. Congratulations to all players, it’s been an honour and a pleasure to follow you!

On the Starcraft II front we are excited to announce the implementation of a ‘reboot’ having carefully observed and measured previous results and plotted out a new course – we have released the majority of our roster and would like to wish them well in their future endeavours as we assemble a new campaign that should prove as interesting as it will be entertaining!

Last but certainly not least we’re going ahead with plans to embrace what will hopefully be two upcoming successful releases in the form of Battlefield 3 and Red Orchestra 2 in typical unorthodox fashion: we’re kicking things off with what will prove to be another historical Gathering, this time we’ve got almost twenty five members making their way from all around North American to meet up in a luxurious mountain-side mansion (complete with game rooms, jacuzzis and a proper theatre!) in order to combine R&R with team-building and commencing the plotting and planning to kick off what should be two new campaigns of epic proportions. These kinds of experiences are unparalleled, no LAN or VOIP meeting can come close – we’re all looking forward to it in July!

Stay tuned, there’ll be more to knock your socks off coming your way soon.

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