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Autumn Update

The leaves changing colour bring not just the end of summer but the start of a new gaming schedule for our group!  The last few months have featured a broad range of activity as some of us clobbered away at our growing queue of Steam games we haven’t played yet as well as hunkering down with a core group of titles that (caught or have kept) our attention.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds continues to capture imaginations to such a degree that our community has resisted the idea of a scheduled, regular night for the game: largely because they already play it every day!  We have a very large variety of gamers putting time in to PUBG throughout the day, if you’re looking for a good group to play with just pop in to our Discord server and send a message to dox (or post in #battlegrounds or #general) asking to be introduced and we’ll have you set up in short order with a group or partner that you can get tactical with.

Another regular activity is the constant amount of entertainment that the charismatic Overwatch title delivers to our try-pants-wearing-casual crack shots.  Still continuing to largely eschew competitive mode allows for a bunch of interactions and great mixing between our community members,  you can find any combination of our regulars like cc//Fast Eddie, cc//fuegoredux, cc//Rage, cc//Trashcanman and/or cc//Vengeance bouncing around and shooting their way through rounds with a really great group of visitors.  The good times keep pouring in, if you’re looking to see what the ‘try pants’ movement is about then follow same instructions as above, pop in to Discord and get started!

Beyond that, as we aim to complete and define our autumn gaming schedule we’ve got a couple of new nights popping up.  The first one “Free First Mondays” (working title) is an event that pops up on the first Monday of every month exclusively featuring free games.  This week we tried out Black Squad and will be announcing next months selection in the coming weeks.  Additionally we’ve got the beginning of a series of strictly tactical weekly events that will take participants through engagements in titles like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Rainbow 6 Siege and more.

Hey, in case it’s not clear: everyone is welcome to these so just reach out and join in, there’s a lot of fun to be had!  We cater to career/family oriented adults that are looking for a competitive experience without the time sink – if you have your own requests and ideas we’re also very open to that, just get in touch.  See you in Discord!

Spring Update

Along with spring popping up, today’s update finds four updates to share with everyone that should coincide with the refreshing activity of cleaning out those garages.

Rainbow Six Siege Nights Expand

Rainbow 6: Siege has taken us from curiosity to proposition to full-on attention-grabbing. Not since Battlefield 4 nights (still ongoing) have we extended in to hosting two officials a week with such a title! We are thrilled to mention that Thursdays join Tuesdays as we continue to train on the nuances of the game and develop exciting tactics while discovering strategies to raise our game. It’s still open-invite and we welcome any player level but eyes are starting to set on competition so there’s some anticipation of new activities. You can follow some of our progress on this tracker image.

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Continues

cc-d20-optFor over a year now we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of hosting D&D activity within our group delivering unique experiences and stretching the imagination and roleplay abilities of the participants. A change in schedule has moved the night to 9:00pm Eastern Time on Thursdays and has opened up the Hoard of the Dragon Queen stage for a new actor to appear 2-3 weeks from now. Please contact Smithy in Discord if you’d like to join or just find out more – only serious/dedicated applicants please (must dedicate 3hrs/week).

League of Legends Offering Planned

cc-lol-announce-optAs our competitive activity increases we’d also like to take the opportunity to announce a collaboration with “hi im guitar” who will be spearheading our League of Legends initiative. We’ve been throwing ideas around for a few months and with his help are no longer reeling at the possibilities but instead focused on bringing a few new things around, he had this to say:

“Hello everybody I’m guitar and I play League of Legends for almost 4 years now, on Diamond and Plat level for 3 of those. I was part of a variety of different teams (both casual and competitive) during this time, which was a grand experience, and now I want to help players create their own LoL story, be it competitive or casual, full teams or just some chilled dynamic queue. See you on the Rift Summoners ;)”

Another Gathering Gets Under Way

cc-gathering-globe-optLast – but certainly not least – it’s that time of year again: discussions have begun around our next annual Gathering, the annual event that this time will ring in our 18th year together. Proposals have varied from the North Dakota badlands through to the Rocky Mountains and all the way across to Iceland and Caribbean cruises. Join the discussion in Discord to help push it along!

Rainbow 6 Siege and new comms

logo-r6-siege-icon-inv-optThe exciting times continue as we add another title and another weekly event to our schedule: developed in Montreal and published by Ubisoft Rainbow 6: Siege is the newest addition to our roster. This counter-terrorism themed first-person tactical shooter has captured a good piece of our community’s imagination and we’ve set out to represent SWAT, SAS, GSG-9, Spetsnaz, GIGN, JTF2 and more with regular weekly internal events where we pit ourselves against one another to extract maximum experience and fun from the asymmetrical environment offered. Of course internal hype on the game is high so we’re far from limited to hosting Siege Tuesdays, we’ve got pick-up games happening almost daily and are seeking to expand the experience.

It’s yet another example in what is an almost countless series of experiences we’ve had over almost 18 years together: if you get enough people to regularly and reliably commit to assembling to play a game you can extract truly next-level value from any title regardless of what’s happening with the rest of the gaming community.

If you’re interested in our Battlefield Mondays, Siege Tuesdays or Insurgency Thursdays then we’ve got a little more news for you – it’s never been easier to connect with us and get involved. We’ve already had over a hundred of our members come visit and we’re got enough to keep these events going (and in the case of BF4 it’s been over 2 years) but if you’re in to the idea of playing with like-minded adults who aren’t bothered by your in-game performance as much as your ability to show up when the rest of us play (and then go back to whatever other stuff you need to do) then don’t hesitate: though we host Teamspeak, Ventrilo and Mumble servers we have officially settled on Discord. After over a month of testing we’ve seen such great responses that it’s a no-brainer, just click on this link to join us and talk to the group to get the best experiences from the longest lived gaming organization of it’s type! We’ll see you in there!