cc//TF2 roster changes

This summer we’re implementing some changes to our Professional TF2 line up which up until now has been the most consistent in the entire scene. These swaps take immediate effect just in time for the chemistry to gel for The Assembly LAN TF2 3D challenge in Helsinki this August.

With Punpu leaving to spend time in the Finnish Army we hand the helmet over to snifz and put him back in to the soldier’s shoes, he had the following to say about the new footwear: “It’s good to be back in the main lineup once again, just need to get the rust off me 🙂 ..and I know they are big shoes I need to fill ;)”

In addition we give Hymzi the twelve gun salute and wish him all the best; this man served us so well and terrorized so many with his expert handling of the demoman role. Loading up his grenade launcher and joining the team is another Finn, with previous 4Kings/Born2Die experience we’d like to welcome Bash in to the demoman role, I caught up with him earlier today to ask him some questions:

How are you fitting in with the boys thus far? Excited? Nervous? Those are big Hymzi shoes to fill!

“It’s okay, I know a few of the guys already from Finnish pickups and IRC in general and it’s always easy to get along with fellow Finns. And Glufse. As for filling hymzi’s shoes, I’ve brought my own ;)”

What kind of goals do you have in terms of your professional TF2 career?

“My goal as a player is to reach the absolute highest peak in any game I play, and in TF2’s case I hope I can also do something to help the community as well.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“I’m looking forward to winning some competitions, both online and offline, and improving as a team to new heights.”

I reached out to Moose to see what he had to say:

“It’s no secret that we’ve been testing both ReVe and Bash after hymzi quit some time ago. ReVe is a good player and a long time friend of mine, I don’t doubt that we could make him a top level demo again. However, Bash just felt like he fit in the team right away, maybe because his aggressive play style closely resembles hymzi’s.

Now we’ll concentrate on practicing for Assembly. Hopefully we’ll be ready and in top shape again before August comes.”

Thank you gentlemen, we wish all the best of luck and are eagerly looking forward to what this line up will accomplish in the future!

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