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Many things have happened since we last heard news about Crack’s TF2 squad so I thought I would let you guys know what’s going on. Crack.TF2 has been doing quite well since the PCGS ended. We’ve won all our official matches since then, besides the EDTF2L game against 4Kings, which ended as a 1-1 tie. We scored victories against big names like TCM and Ãœbersexuals, so things are looking good at the moment.

Right after our guys got home from the PCGS trip, we played against Druidz in the ESL Major Series Qualifier #2 final. We had already secured our place in the EMS earlier since top 3 from each qualifier go through, but we wanted to see how the new Druidz.TF2 squad (former Vale!) would perform against our team. The map for the final was gravelpit, which has always been one of our strongest maps. This time Druidz couldn’t offer much of a challenge and we took the 2-0 victory rather easily.

Last week we participated in the DigiBattles TF2 Cup which had some neat prizes to offer. After winning epic, Druidz and Mousetek, we faced the old TLR team with a new name, MeMento in the final. The final was played on gravelpit and it was a quick 2-0 victory for us when MeM struggled to find their teamplay with their brand new line-up. We took home the title and the prizes which included a private gameserver, six t-shirts, new website design, hosting package and domain.

Currently we are waiting for the new EMS and ESL Leagues seasons to start, so we are active only in three ongoing competitions: Clanbase OpenCup, European TF2 League season 3 and the EnemyDown TF2 League.

In ETF2L we were put in a difficult position before joining Crack! Clan. We had played two weak games in a row against 4Kings and K1ck. We lost all four maps in these two games and winning the league is no longer possible for us, but we can still reach the second place after our recent wins against Team CoolerMaster and Ãœbersexuals. Unfortunately both of these teams managed to tie one map against us. Each map win gives 3 points and there are two maps played in each game so we only got eight points out of the twelve possible from these two games. This currently puts us to a third place with 20 points. 4Kings is leading the league with 24p and TCM holds the second place with 22p. Our last ETF2L Season 3 game will be against MeMento. We are confident that we will be able to win this game but the final standings will depend on how the other teams play their remaining matches.

Besides ETF2L, we have now finished the Clanbase TF2 OpenCup group stage. After beating Hadouken! 2-0 and Druidz 2-1, we were forced to take a default win over Empire earlier today as the opponent newer showed up. With all three games won, we won our group A and will be meeting the #2 from group B in the playoffs. This will most likely be K1ck or Mousetek but they have not played their head to head game yet so the final standings in this group are yet unknown.

Last but not least, the EnemyDown TF2 League Season 3 has just started. We played our first match there against 4Kings, which we tied 1-1 as I mentioned before. 4K first won pro_granary 5-2 but we were then able to score a 4-2 win on badlands. Our following games on EDTF2L division 1 will be played against Veritas, plan-B and wotr^3. The cc fun team is also participating in EDTF2L. Their road in division 6 didn’t start well though, as they lost their first game against CiC. Nevertheless, we wish them all the best luck. If nothing else, remember to win at least LnC. We had some disputes against them in one of the earlier ED leagues, so this would make me personally a very happy man 🙂

Besides these normal matches, Crack! Clan has also been well represented in both ESL and ETF2L Nations Cups. I myself am the captain for Team Finland and besides me, hymzi and snifz play in the team. Our only Swedish member Glufse is also representing the Swedish national team. These two countries were the favourites before the nations cups started and they have followed the expectations. The ESL NC is already finished and Sweden was able to take the title home from this cup after winning Finland in the final twice. The Finns had earlier won Sweden in the upper bracket final, but the Swedes made their way back to the grand final by beating United Kingdom in the consolation final. After this, Sweden took the two match wins that were required from them and secured the title for themselves. Luckily for us Finns, an opportunity for revenge came a week later when we met the Swedes again in the ETF2L Nations Cup semi final. This time we showed our worth and won the game 2-0, dropping Sweden out from the competition. Finland played the final against Belgium, who won United Kingdom 2-0 in the other semi final match. This was an easier game for the Finns, scoring a straight 3-0 victory. SourceTV demos from these matches are available at and QuadV has an audio commentary up for the final at their audio on demand section.

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