The dawn of a new decade

Another ten years went by in a blink, we hope it was a good one for you all and that your friends & family continue to be healthy and prosperous over the next decade! Here at Crack Clan we’re used to carrying a hefty legacy and looking toward the future, so, without any delay let’s line it all up for you:

Battlefield V open recruiting

Our 18 year history with the Battlefield franchise has often ended up driving a lot of both our activity and culture; it was a huge turning point for our group when 1942 rolled around and we’ve given it proper attention ever since. Along the way through our journey with Battlefield we’ve been given great opportunities to play, travel and meet to discuss how we carry ourselves as a team and how to best use our time together.

Battlefield V has recently shown potential for us to revisit some of the activities we’ve enjoyed in the past, specifically regarding private servers. DICE recently giving us the ability to set up our own server instance has not just opened up the a base requirement for all competitive behaviour but also unleashed our ability to have fun. We have a deep, deep history with successfully incubating squads within our ranks and supplying constructive, entertaining and positive in-house matches. BFV now carries that same possibility and we are thrilled to announce that we are already weeks-in toward hosting a solid, healthy roster that allows us to engage each other and friendly opponents in a balanced, skill-based environment. Toward that end we are opening up recruitment to complement our existing activity and increase its frequency. Connect to our Discord and ask about joining!

In addition to all of the Battlefield V team building mentioned above, we’re also thrilled to announce a regular Overwatch workshop that is focused on combos, communications and in-game creativity. This is a weekly event, hosted by our good friend Bad Chef: he’s been focused on delivering next-level experiences that rely on coordination leveraged to give you a glorious visual payoff for years now and we’re honoured to host him in our Discord server to bring us this unique view on another level of meta in Overwatch that you might not have been paying attention to. This is ideally suited for anyone with a competitive background but currently just keen on the game and developing good camaraderie in a competent group. As per above, just pop in to our Discord server and drop a note in the #overwatch channel if you’d like to participate!

Last but not least, that Steam sale opened up a whole bunch of activity for us to pursue. Whether you finally picked up a copy of Mordhau or Insurgency: Sandstorm or are still content to kick around Destiny 2 we remain active & interested in supporting our community with scheduled events. If you’re one of those folks that has always wanted to try something in-game that requires some planning and teamwork we’re on hand to support you – just let us know.

Anyhow, thanks as always for the legendary support & loyalty we are continually blessed to receive from our over two decades of membership. All the best going forward, we’re really excited to see what 2020 brings and beyond!

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